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Malaysia Cryptocurrency & Financial Articles

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Massive Cryptocurrency Market in Singapore

As one of the top economies in the world, Singapore is buzzing with a lot of action in the money markets. This is no different with cryptocurrencies which is already taking the world by storm. Cryptocurrency Dominating Investment in Singapore Cryptography is the...

Top Investment Tools

Investment is one area of business that requires a lot of planning with some luck and experience. There are all types of tools in the market that can make-or-break your investment. You need to know where to start looking. And you better start NOW! Best investment...

Predicting Bitcoin Prices

The idea behind cryptocurrency is to make a profit. So whether or not you own some now or you are the midst of mining for some, you would eventually want to know how much it is worth later. Bitcoin price prediction jumpstart The most important issue with having...

Cryptocurrency Events in Malaysia

Being the most anticipated form of financial investment in recent years, it has sparked a lot of interests from investors and service providers alike. Events and seminars are being held to educate the public about this market. Here are some of the popular ones. The...

Initial Coin Offering or ICO

Please proceed to last paragraph if you are looking for Malaysia ICO information. ICO is short for Initial Coin Offering. In its own way, ICO is perhaps the best way to start if you are looking to ride on the cryptocurrency wave. If you have been in the money markets...

Blockchain Companies in Malaysia

Current wave of Blockchain technology in Malaysia To say the least, cryptocurrencies in Malaysia has already gained a lot of traction in the last 1 year or so. Companies have become bolder in issuing ICOs (initial coin offerings) which has already prompted even the...


Bitmax Switzerland Bitmax is among the latest additions to the cryptocurrency market. This is a cryptocurrency exchange which is based in Switzerland that offers a full range of services on its platform. Among the services that it offers include institutional trading...

Bitfinex Malaysia

Bitfinex Cryptocurrency Platform Bitfinex is among the longest and earliest established cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world. Started in 2012, it has grown to become one of the prominent names in this market. It is now available in 3 languages which are...

Bitcoin Jargons

Exchange – The space on the internet where you will use to trade cryptocurrencies. This usually occurs on a website. They are like stock exchanges (or bourses) but on an online platform. Fiat – Not to be confused with the Italian automotive brand, Fiat is...