10 Rules on how leaders execute things


Ever wondered why football clubs always sack their managers when the team fails to perform? Why are leaders always the first to go when they make a mistake? As a leader, you get criticized for every mistake you make and scrutinized for every decision you take. This article below gives you the ‘drill-down’ of how real ‘leaders’ get things done (or how they don’t).

Being a great leader

Is it even possible to ‘right’ every single time? It can be if you strategize well. A lot of this can be accomplished if you have the skills and knowledge of how to get there.

Start taking the lead

Here are 10 rules that will help you become the best choice your company ever made in making you a leader.

  1. You call the shots – Because you have been appointed into this leadership role, it simply means you are the best candidate for the job. As the head of the department or the main guy, you will do what is best for your team and you need to convince yourself that you are always right. Just believe it so.
  2. Give instructions – Your team members look up to you because they expect you to lead them. You should start giving instructions to your staff on what they are expected to do. If necessary, you should even tell them what they shouldn’t be doing too. In fact, you need not give any justifications because you ‘do not need to’. After all, it is a lot easier if you just tell them what to do and they follow suit
  3. Nothing wrong to apologize – Whenever possible, apologize like you mean it. In fact, do so in such a way that it feels genuine even if you do not mean any of it. If you want to succeed, being insincerely sincere will be your fast-track there.
  4. Selective listening – there is no better way to say this but as a leader, you would only listen to stuff that you like to hear. Get the ‘yes-men’ into your team and promote them because they know what to say and when to say them
  5. Do your job – Manage! – the only reason why you have people in your team is because they are hired to get things done. In fact, they should be reporting to you periodically and if you can, tell them how to do it. There is no reason to do it for them.
  6. Blame others – remember in the previous point that you call the shots? If something happens, shift the blame. As a leader, you need not take the fall. Someone must be responsible and that person is not you.
  7. Commit to the job – A leader is one with full commitment. You must be ready to answer a Whatsapp or an email even if it is in the middle of the night or you are out having a drink with your mates!
  8. Get people to listen to you – What good is a leader when no one listens to you? hold meetings that go on for hours. Make them listen to what you have to say and make sure there are no disputes.
  9. Credit – you have spent all your time motivating your team and leading them to success. When it comes to credit, you need to take it all in your pocket because you deserve it!
  10. Micro-manage – Make sure that everyone reports to you every step of the way. In every project, you need to be kept in the loop of things because you are the leader of the team. If they do not report to you, reprimand them.

Is this really true?

Think about it, such qualities are leaders that we have known in our everyday working lives. Do they make us feel better, lead us better and make us better people?

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