2% decline of Chinese population purely arithmetic – Minister

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Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department has clarified that the recent report that there was a decline in the Chinese population in the country was purely arithmetic and did not have any other implications to it. It was reported that there was a decline of 2% of the Chinese population form the census of the 2000 population. The 2010 Population and Housing Censue showed that Chinese constitutes 24.6% of the total population of Malaysia at 28.3million while Indians are 7.3% with bumiputeras making up 67.4% and others constituting 0.7%.  26% of the 23.37 million Malaysians were Chinese in the 2000 figures.

Mohamed Yakcop said that while the numbers show as such, it does not necessarily meant that there were fewer births among the Chinese community. Saying that such a figure was ‘purely arithmetic’ and does not have any reflection that the percentage of Chinese in Malaysia was getting smaller he added that the proportion might be changed due to the latest census being compiled against the backdrop of a larger population even if the growth rate remained the same throughout the period. He said that the implication of the figure is very minor even if Chinese families are having fewer children.

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