3D production of meatless rib-eye and plans are in place now for raw sashimi. Are you on-board?


Cultivate meat is known also as cultured meat. Basically, it is a scientific approach which is a type of cellular agriculture where meat is produced using engineering techniques more fondly used in regenerative medicines. If there is one option that you are looking to avoid killing animals and yet enjoy your meat, this would surely be it!

Is cultured meat real meat?

Jason Matheny came up with the idea and made it popular in the turn of 2000 with the New Harvest initiative. Mark Post, a professor at Maastricht University initiated the first burger patty made from cells directly and this prompted several others to follow suit. Such is the case with SuperMeat’s ‘The Chicken’ in Tel Aviv and closer to home, there was the ‘1880’ outlet in Singapore back in December 2020 that sold cultured meat.

Growing your meat

The main idea behind cultured meat is that it is more eco-friendly and if that is how this is going to be, it surely will be the future. In the long run, it is a more sustainable move especially to meet the rising demand for meat-eaters across the world. One of the remarkable initiatives Aleph Farms from Israel recently came up with the initiative to grow real beef steaks using living cows’ cells. This was the project that was co-founded with The Kitchen Hub and together with the Technion Institute of Technology.

Using 3D bioprinting technology is truly a new breakthrough and production process where the qualities of traditional cuts of meat are being replicated not only in terms of the structure and texture but more notably, the taste. They could get the steak into sizes that are just nice for the mouth to chew and eat.

Besides that, the company recently signed with Mitsubishi to get this out to the market in a bigger scale, particularly in Japan. They have also involved some distinguished individuals including the Prime Minister of Israel to try their products.

Moving on to more challenging meat

the replication of prepared steak is not a new thing and has already gained traction in a lot of places. Besides that, there have been talks to replicate something more difficult like sashimi tuna which is meant for consumption in its raw form. Finless Foods, a US-based cell-cultured seafood startup company announced that they were planning to release their tuna substitute which is a plant-based food that can be almost identical to the real thing.

It is also in the works in making the bluefin tuna meat which will be cell-cultured. Basically, it is still meat but not those that are traditional produced from the fish itself. If that is rolled out, it would have major implications for the tuna industry, which has come under pressure globally in the last decade.

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