5G – Is the hype worth it?


5G stands for the fifth generation of wireless communications technology. It is mainly used to support mobile data networks around the world. 5G is supposedly the game changer especially with more than 3.5 billion internet users globally today.

Is there a need?

Most would accept that 4G is fast enough but speed is something users will never get enough of. 5G will change this whole landscape altogether. For comparison, downloading a movie takes 26 hours in 3G. In 4G, it takes only 6 minutes. 5G will let you download the entire movie in less than 4 seconds. That is how fast 5G will be.

Connectivity and new technologies

With the move towards the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, the need for faster connectivity becomes more crucial than ever. This is then complemented by the fact that each person on earth being connected on more than 1 mobile at any time. Hence, 5G is coming at a suitable time.

How will our lives be changed?

The superpowers (the USA and China) have been on loggerheads to develop 5G because of economic reasons. Just like 4G that happened before this, 5G is expected to create a major shake-up across the world. But which part of our lives will it change?

  • Everyday living – With IoT and smart homes, 5G will complement how we wake up in the morning, what we watch during breakfast, what we listen to on our way to work and definitely how we cook our meals.
  • Entertainment – Movie streaming and download. Never before has entertainment been so possible in homes.
  • Healthcare – This is the time when healthcare can be better adopted with technology. With connectivity speed no longer an issue, video conferencing and collaborative medicine become possible.
  • Education – Online education becomes more prominent than ever. Tools for learning have better capabilities with higher capacities of audiences for e-classes.

Is 5G causing harmful radiation?

It must be known that any form of cellular network emits some form of RFR or radiofrequency radiation. This was the same concern that many had when mobile networks first came into the picture. At the moment, 5G transmission is still at the lower spectrum to be harmful. It is still some form of radiation but does not have enough data to prove that it is harmful. The future of 5G however, remains unclear.

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