Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Franchise Business Opportunity


What is the Adam Khoo business?
The personal development and training market has been booming in the last decade. With rising demand for more holistic education and development, it is no surprise that individuals are looking for more soft skills to enhance their employability and potential. Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group offers training for personal development which has produced more confident and creative individuals.

What is the background of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group?

Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group was established in 2002 and has grown to become a household name in the personal development and training segment. Through the last 20 years, it has trained countless individuals from all ages through its specialized programmes in personal transformation, academic mastery, communication, leadership, and wealth management, among others.

How strong is the Adam Khoo brand?
To date, Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group has presence in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. The company was founded by Singaporean entrepreneur Adam Khoo with Patrick Cheo. Since then, the group has won the Share Investor Most Preferred Financial Educator Award 5 times.

What should I know about franchising the Adam Khoo business?
Fundamentally, you should have a passion in training and helping others to improve through personal development and other related areas. This is a business that deals with people and enhancing their skills. You would be provided with the appropriate training and material to run this business.

  • Initial Capital – USD120,000 to USD300,000
  • Franchise Fee – Not published and available on request
  • Advertising Fee – 5% from the gross revenue.
  • Return on Investment – You would enjoy a strong market segment for this franchise. The startup capital is quite high which means you should have funds to operate to cover the first 2 years.
  • Location – Your centre should be convenient with access to public amenities like parking but you do not necessarily need to be in a high traffic location.
  • Customer Segment – Individuals who are looking for additional skills. Millennials and families.

The Final Word
The Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group provide a very unique business opportunity which is quite niche. This franchise has very good potential of growth and repeat business as it has a proven formula and programmes. However, it must be noted that the initial capital is quite high and once you have break-even, you should enjoy very good returns. That said, this means you would need funds to sustain for the first 3 to 4 years to establish your presence and clientele.

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