AEON Credit Service Malaysia Berhad


AEON Credit Service Malaysia Berhad is among the good performing counters in Bursa Malaysia. Listed under the financial sector of the Main Market, it is one of the counters that has performed steadily over the years. This is more remarkable considering that AEON is a foreign company and brand.

AEON Credit and Loans

Most people will remember AEON for its predecessor Jusco (or Jaya Jusco earlier). Providing retail and shopping experiences, it only started offering financial services back in 1997. Since then, AEON Credit Services has grown to become one of the major players not entirely in banking but more into offering payment schemes for specific areas. Today, AEON Credit Services is available throughout the country.

Other related services

It must be noted that while AEON Credit Services are very focused for customers of AEON Shopping Malls, the services are not limited to the retail sector alone. In fact, AEON Credit Services also provides:

  1. Personal financing
  2. Insurance
  3. Credit Card
  4. Payment cards

Recognition and accolades

As an independent financial company, AEON Credit Services is well established among its customers. It went public in 2006 and since then, has garnered a lot of market share in the segment it is in. Over the years, it has won various recognitions including:

  1. 2017 The Edge-Billion Ringgit Club & Corporate Awards 2017 where it was awarded Below RM10B Market Cap Highest Return On Equity Over 3 Years in the Finance Category
  2. Two categories at 2016 The Edge Billion Ringgit Club Awards for ‘Highest Growth in Profit before Tax over 3 years’ and ‘Highest Return on Equity over 3 years’
  3. Most Profitable Company and Highest Profit Growth Company at 2015 The Edge Billion Ringgit Club awards

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