Agriculture Expo


Planting and Farming
Types of products mainly include pesticides and fertilizers. Producers of the latest products used in farming can showcase their latest offerings to potential farmers and agriculture producers. The latest pesticides, organic pesticides, dangers of certain types of pesticides in the market as well as suitability of several types of pesticides can be demonstrated in this expo.
Apart from that, fertilizers formulated for certain purpose can be showcased as well. This is because not all types of fertilizers are suitable for use in every type of soil. This expo will most be ideal to demonstrate the suitability of every type of fertilizer available in the market for each focused type of agricultural activity.

This segment provides manufacturers of machines and equipment used in the various aspects of agriculture to showcase their products to potential partners, farmers and agencies. Apart from that, machines used in other areas of agriculture like packaging and production can showcased in this expo as well. Machines and trucks that are use in production of crops like rice, vegetables and any other forms can be showcased in order to find potential buyers, producers and other related parties.

Service Providers
This expo will benefit service providers to reach more customers and potential partners in the agriculture industry. This includes companies that offer assistance in terms of funding, finance and marketing to help agriculture players to produce more marketable produce, more commercial products and that are more demanded in the market. Experts who offer advice and latest scientific breakthroughs in agriculture can exhibit in this expo as well.

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