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Ahmayuddin bin Ahmad


Co-founder of Westports Malaysia

The Malaysian richest list has a few bumiputeras. Among them includes Ahmayuddin bin Ahmad. He is the 24th richest person in the Forbes ranking for 2015. What makes him such a significant figure is that he co-founded Westports Holdings with Tan Sri G Gnanalingam.

He is currently the head Port Projects for Westport where he is among the board of directors as well. Ahmayuddin played a significant role in the development of Wesports. Through his part-leadership with Gnanalingam, Westports has become one of the leading ports in the world today.

Westports has become a market leader in this sector. It controls more than 75% of the market share where it has some of the most remarkable results around. Westports had handled over 90 million 20-foot containers within a year and this is seen as quite an achievement for a young company like this.


Ahmadyuddin’s Net Worth

$575 Million

Age 59
Source Of Wealth
The main source of wealth for Ahmayuddin is from his shares in Westports.
Port Klang, Selangor
Marital Status
It has been reported that Ahmayuddin has 4 children
There are currently no information available on Ahmayuddin’s educational background.