Air Asia Berhad


AirAsia Group Berhad is the company that owns Malaysian low-cost airline carrier AirAsia. It is a public listed company in Bursa Malaysia under the 5099 code.

AirAsia airline

In its own way, AirAsia Berhad is a typical Malaysian success story. Headquartered in Sepang, it is the country’s largest airline in terms of fleet size and the number of destinations that it serves. Its planes fly to 25 countries to over 165 destinations both domestic and international. Among its affiliates include:

  1. Thai AirAsia
  2. Indonesia AirAsia
  3. AirAsia India
  4. Philippines AirAsia
  5. AirAsia X

Remarkable achievements by AirAsia

What makes AirAsia such an interesting case study is its method of offering affordable air travel. This has enabled the opening of new routes between Malaysia and the destinations. In fact, AirAsia’s routes have enabled new markets (apart from travel and tourism) to open between the nations. Besides that:

  1. It has the lowest unit cost in the world at only US$0.023 per available set kilometer
  2. It is able to hedge 100% of its fuel requirements in the coming 3 years
  3. It achieved a 25-minute aircraft turnaround time
  4. Has an average 13 hours daily aircraft utilization rate

Depsite the many other low-cost carriers in the world, AirAsia has been called the ‘pioneer’ in Asia in terms of low-cost travel.

Consumer perception

As a brand, AirAsia has grown in many areas which not many have trodden before. Besides being named as the Best Low-Cost Carrier in the world for 9 consecutive years, AirAsia is the major sponsor for major names like Queens Park Rangers Football Club, the Malaysian National Football team as well as the Singapore’s National Football Team, among others.

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