AirAsia adds 100 more orders of A320Neos to become one of the biggest airlines in the world

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Following the recent mega-order of 200 Airbus A320Neos airplanes, Malaysian budget carrier Air Asia is set to break the record where the company added another 100 more to the order.It is one of the biggest orders ever and this will make the airline one of the largest in the world. The recent order made at the Paris Air Show last month saw the agreement of a USD18.2 billion deal which was the largest airline order ever.

The addition of 100 more planes move the contract to USD27 billion. The move is seen as a positive one for Air Asia where it shows that the airline is not going to slow down despite the rising price of oil and uncertain economy. It also pushes the lead of Airbus over Boeing in the aviation sector. It will also see Air Asia firmly establishing its lead in the carrier sector over other budget airlines in the region that include Tiger Airways, Jetstar and IndiGo from India.
Furthermore, the planes are known to be more fuel-efficient which will then be able to keep tickets low for Air Asia thereby continuing their competitive edge in the market.


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