Ajinomoto Berhad


Across the world, Ajinomoto is a Japanese brand that needs no introduction. Facing a lot of challenges with more health-conscious consumers, the leading producer of monosodium glutamate and related products have weathered many storms over the years and still continues to do so.

Ajinomoto Malaysia

In Malaysia, Ajinomoto (Malaysia) Berhad is the company responsible to manufacture and distribute the monosodium glutamate-related products. It is in the Consumer and Industrial businesses. Basically, the major brand that Ajinomoto carries is the monosodium glutamate AJI-NO-MOTO. Besides that, the company is involved in:

  1. Tumix – a product used for flavor seasoning
  2. SERI AJI – a specific form of seasoning
  3. AJI-SHIO – a range of flavored pepper
  4. AJI-MIX – another seasoning blend
  5. Pal Sweet – one of the top sugar-free sweetener names
  6. and many others

Other areas of businesses

Apart from those mentioned, this is one company which is very focused on flavor enhancers for cooking and food. This includes selling hydrolyzed vegetable protein products in both powder and liquid forms as well as names like:


Some of these items are used as ingredients used by food producers in manufacturing snack foods, seasonings and processed foods. As a company in Malaysia, Ajinomoto has been around since 1961 where it operates its business and factory in Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur.

Consumer perception

One of the major challenges faced by Ajinomoto is with its customer segments where it has been constantly fending off a lot of criticisms and restrictions for being the cause of many health problems. This however, has been constantly addressed by Ajinomoto where it continues to perform exceptionally well both as a public-listed company and a consumer-product company.

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