All E-Banking Websites in Malaysia

banking websites in malaysia


The E-Banking site of one of the largest banks in Malaysia. Malayan Banking Berhad has been around for decades and is the leading bank with operations across the nation and around the region including countries like Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. It operates online through which has won numerous awards and is currently the top 10 online sites in Malaysia.

Standard Chartered Malaysia

One of the most established and oldest foreign banks in Malaysia, this bank started in Malaysia back in 1875. It is one of the most prominent online bank service providers in the country where customers not only check account balances or transfer funds but can apply for loans and other banking facilities as well through

RHB Bank

RHB Bank or Rashid Hussein Bank offers all types of banking services and facilities across Malaysia. Its online banking site is at that allows customers to manage their accounts, transfer funds and pay bills.

HSBC Malaysia

Online@HSBC is the portal used by customers to access their accounts with HSBC Malaysia. One of the most established foreign brands in Malaysia, e-banking facilities through HSBC is one of the most secured where customers can manage and check their accounts not only using a password but through a security device as well.

Affin Bank

Affin Bank came about after the merge between Perwira Affin Bank Berhad and BSN Commercial Berhad. It has more than 80 branches across the country that offers a full range of commercial and personal banking facilities. Its e-banking facility is accessible via

Hong Leong Bank

Hong Leong Bank is among the largest financial companies in Malaysia which started in Sarawak more than a century ago. Today, it has one of the biggest customer base in Malaysia while providing services in other countries like Singapore and Vietnam. Its e-banking service is offered through its Hong Leong Connect ( portal.


A merger of several banks including Arab-Malaysian Bank and MBf, Ambank has more than 200 branches nationwide. Offering both personal and corporate banking facilities, this bank has a long history of providing good customer service and quality products. Its online banking service is offered through AmOnline.


CIMB Bank is owned by the Bumiputra-Commerce Holdings Berhad group. It is the second largest banking and financial services provider in Malaysia. CIMB Bank’s online presence is offered via its CIMB Clicks portal where customers are able to carry out all types of financial transactions.

Citibank Malaysia

One of the largest foreign banks to operate in Malaysia, Citibank Malaysia Berhad is among the earliest adopters of e-banking in the country. This is mainly because it once only provided 2 physical branches nationwide. With more branches being set up in later years, its e-banking portal, Citibank Online continues to grow to offer more efficient services including loan applications and approvals over the internet.

Alliance Bank

Alliance Bank has been around for more than 50 years where it covers a full range of banking and financial services for individuals and corporate customers. Its online portal is allianceonline to offer convenience to its customers to better manage their funds and other services.

Public Bank

The third largest banking group around, Public Bank Berhad has been ranked as among the most stable banks in the region. It offers e-banking facilities through its portal PBEBank that comes with a mobile app for better convenience as well.

Bank Rakyat

Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Berhad is one of the banks in Malaysia that operates based on Islamic cooperative model. It is among the most popular banks that offer loans and other financial services to Malaysians from all walks of life. Bank Rakyat offers online banking services through its iRakyat portal


BSN, which stands for Bank Simpanan Malaysia is among the few local banks in Malaysia that offers a full range of financial products. It is very popular among individual customers especially those in the sub-urban and rural locations across Malaysia. The e-banking site offered by BSN is the myBSN Internet Banking.

Bank Muamalat

This is among the ‘younger’ banks in Malaysia having started its operations back in 1999. The bank is the result of the acquisition of assets and liabilities of the Islamic banking window from another bank, the former Bank Bumputra Malaysia, Bank of Commerce and BBMB Kewangan where it is the second full-fledge Islamic bank in Malaysia. In offering more current services to its customers, Bank Muamalat’s e-banking platform is offered through i-Muamalat.

Bank Islam

Bank Islam Malaysia is the first full-fledged Islamic bank in Malaysia although its products and services are open to everyone from all religion and background. Its online portal is at that offers a full range of services for its customers to transfer funds, check balances and other financial needs.


As one of the oldest banks in Malaysia, OCBC has a strong reputation for being stable and reliable. This Singaporean bank provides banking services for its customers in both the corporate and personal areas and is available online via OCBC Online.

UOB Malaysia

UOB is another Singaporean bank operating in Malaysia for many years. Regarded as one of the top foreign banks here, it has a strong reputation for high quality customer service and reliable financial services. UOB’s online services can be accessed via

Al Rajhi Bank

The Al Rajhi Bank is a foreign bank from Saudi and is the largest Islamic Bank in the world. It operates in Malaysia offering all types of financial packages for both corporate and personal customers. Besides that, Al Rajhi Bank offers online banking services via its e-banking portal alrajhi@24seven.


Agrobank Malaysia is a government-owned bank developed to help grown the agriculture sector of the country. Today, it offers a full range of financial and banking products including personal financing, trading and investments where it has more than 180 branches across the country. Online, Agrobank is accessible via its AGRONet portal.

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