Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad


Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad is one of the major financial groups operating in Malaysia. It owns and operates the Alliance Bank network in the country. Alliance Bank faces a lot of challenges in operating in the country as it continues to compete against some of the bigger players in the banking industry.

Alliance Bank Online

The banking group Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad has a wide range of products and services under its belt. Providing end-to-end and financial solutions, Alliance Bank is involved in various areas. This includes:

  1. Consumer Banking
  2. Business Banking
  3. Islamic Banking
  4. Investment Banking
  5. Stockbroking
  6. Asset Management
  7. Unit trusts

Background of Alliance Bank Malaysia

Several subsidiaries are involved in providing all types of financial services by the bank. This includes the likes of:

  1. Alliance Investment Management Berhad
  2. Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad
  3. Alliance Islamic Bank Berhad
  4. Alliance Investment Bank Berhad

Consumer perception

Listed in the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia, Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad maintains as one of the stocks that are constantly being watched. This is by virtue of being a bank in operation. However, the competition is extremely high with some of the major players in the market like CIMB Group and Maybank. With more players coming into the Malaysian market and investors more careful with their funds, the outlook might be very challenging for this bank and its share prices.

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