Anytime Fitness Franchise Opportunity


Have you ever wanted to run a gym? Do you know that about 1million people join a health club every year? Don’t you want to capitalize on this market which has such a strong catchment of customers?

Most popular fitness brand

If you have wanted to operate your own gym or fitness center, perhaps you could consider franchising Anytime Fitness. Make no mistake about it, this could possibly be the healthiest investment you can ever go into.

It is after all one of the most sought after services in urban cities especially with more people becoming more health-conscious each year while always rushing for time.

Should you consider this franchise?

There is no denying that franchising Anytime Fitness could well be your most exciting investment as you will be getting into a market that is competitive and yet lucrative. Once you decide to get into Anytime Fitness, you can start the ball rolling.

This brand is from the United States which means it has a strong following worldwide. You might need start-up capital of about USD100,000 and you would be ready to go from there. Operating costs can be quite consistent as you would have purchased your equipment from the on-set.

What do our experts say?

The biggest hurdle about running this business is the initial startup cost and space. It is a known fact that a fitness center will require a large space in order to operate. Hence, overheads can be a challenge. You also need specialized and trained staff.

  • Brand Reputation – Very strong in the region as it is a foreign name.
  • Initial Capital – Very high.
  • Return on Investment – Challenging as you need to balance your P & L.
  • Location – Must be in convenient locations.
  • Customer Segment – Working adults.

The Final Word

There is a lot of potentials when you venture into a health and fitness business. In fact, it is one of the most demanded services because people are getting more health-conscious while many want a modern lifestyle.

However, it must be noted that operating this setup requires a lot of funds if you want to sustain it. You need to be able to run it for at least 2 years before experiencing substantial returns.

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