Aquanano Franchise Opportunity


Are you an entrepreneur looking for an alternative income to your current set of businesses? Are you up for the challenge of venturing into a business that might be new to you? Do you intend to offer laundry services? Let Aquanano help you with that.

A potential and fast-growing service area

Aquanano is what many consider to be a new market. This could cause a change in the current laundry business as franchises such as Aquanano has already taken the world by storm. This is changing the way people live and work.

Self-service business operations

In Aquanano, the idea is to empower your customers in deciding what they need. They can now go to the laundry and choosing the right service they want. Using coin-operated washing and drying machines, you can now operate your own outlet with very minimal cost.

A local brand for automated laundry

What makes Aquanano such an interesting business opportunity is that once you set it up, there is very low overhead involved. In fact, you only need space and you are ready to go.

Low startup cost

From as low as RM190,000 as an initial investment, you can start this business and then it becomes very much self-sustaining. You are after all the owners of the premise and you only need to maintain the machines periodically.

Mature market ready to capitalize

There is a constant demand for such services as people are lacking time through fast-paced everyday lives. Furthermore, it has become a common practice for them to wash their clothes in these outlets, drying and folding them.

Expansion and Scalability

One factor about franchising this business is that once it becomes operational, then the business runs on its own. There will be not much room to maneuver when it comes to expansion. Hence, the best option is to increase the number of machines.

This would be in opening new or more branches which in turn will increase your revenue in this business area. This would mean identifying another location and restart the process. The population and density will make very influential factors.

What do our experts say?

The self-service laundry has been growing steadily in the last few years. This is one market which is mature enough to enter and has potential for good returns as well. The self-service concept is a very good one as it means very minimal staffing is required. In fact, it simply translates to almost zero-cost when it comes to staffing.

  • Brand Reputation – Still developing and with constant marketing, it will become strong.
  • Initial Capital – On the high side but its mainly for purhchase of machines.
  • Return on Investment – Traffic flow is very important which will influnence your ROI.
  • Location – Only in standalone shops.
  • Customer Segment – Families and working people.

The Final Word

Investing in this franchise is a sound one that is highly dependent on the location. It must be in a residential area in a shop that is easily accessible and convenient. Parking space is a must with ample space for sitting around.

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