Art and Antiques Expo


This expo is ideal for artists, art galleries and anyone in the art industry looking to enjoy a wider reach of audience. The art expo is a great platform to gather artists who can showcase their artworks as a collective group of exhibition.

This would be best done through using digital images via the online platform. Using online expo, artists can now be able to showcase more paintings without needing a physical space as done previously.

Sculptures and installations
3D artwork like sculpture and installations can be demonstrated via this type of expo. In the physical space, it is more effective as visitors will be visiting the expo for the sole purpose of viewing and buying art pieces where there is always a healthy demand for more 3-Dimensional art work apart from the more conventional paintings and drawings.

Art galleries
An art expo is a great platform for art galleries to gain more exposure for the artists that they are representing. This is most ideal for galleries that are lesser known and less commercial and especially those which are run by artists themselves as they will be able to compete in a more level playing field at the expo together with the other more established galleries and market players.

An antique expo provides buyers and sellers to come together and trade. buyers and antique hunters can now visit a single location to find all types of antiques of a certain theme. on the other hand, those with antiques to sell can now enjoy better coverage to reach its target market.

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