– Short Domain and Website for Sale

Ask Short Domain Website Sale is available for sale at US$25,000.00. As the name suggests, will be the best place for anyone wanting to know about anything. It can be a wiki page or just a generic page that allow people to ask questions. Otherwise, it can be a search engine for anyone looking for information. This is a readymade website and ranking high in many top keywords in most search engines.

Ask anything and everything

If you own, you will enjoy unlimited opportunities. This is because you will first attract a lot of visitors from its short and straightforward catchy keyword. At the moment, there are already hundreds of hits every hour who are looking for all types of information. By typing in a query or question, you can confine the interest and identify what your visitors are looking for. From there, you can direct them either to your sites or to your business partner’s domains. Alternatively, you can use to connect to your users from every level. This can be a community, a forum or simply an external website.

Price: USD25K


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