Astro Malaysia Holdings

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Astro Malaysia Holdings is the leading media company in Malaysia. It owns and manages some of the top media names in the country with a strong presence around the region.

Astro Channels Malaysia

The main industries that Astro Malaysia Holdings is involved is in media, publishing and entertainment. Generally, Astro Malaysia Holdings offer 4 main categories of products namely:

  1. Radio
  2. Digital Media
  3. Pay-TV
  4. Publications

Media leader in Malaysia

Astro Malaysia Holdings is most likely be known for its Astro satellite TV services. Trading under the MYX: 6339 counter, it is one of the blue-chip counters in Bursa Malaysia. The company started out in 1996 through the launch of the MEASAT 1 satellite thereby started the offering of pay-TV services in the country. With that, it started offering 22 TV and 8 radio stations. 2 years after that, more MEASAT satellites were launched and today, Astro offers more than 100 TV channels and interactive services as well.
Astro Malaysia Berhad is housed at the All Asia Broadcast Centre which is in Technology Park Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur where it now offers more services including film production, content creation, computer animation creation, interactive content and multimedia design, among others.

Consumer Perception

Being a blue-chip counter means that Astro has big shoes to fill. It is in this market that Astro has flourished but it is also in this market that its reputation has taken a beating in certain years. After all, having monopolized the market for many years with a good headstart means Astro should have taken the lead far away from the rest. This however, is not the case with customer satisfaction being left more than desired. Although many other players have come and gone, Astro has not been improving as rapidly as expected.

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