Auntie Anne’s Franchise


Auntie Anne’s Franchise comprises of a chain of stores engaged in baking pretzels. Auntie Anne’s was established in 1988 by Anne F. Beiler along with her husband. It has its headquarters in the city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. While working, she got an idea about starting her own baking business. The pretzel is a highly popular food item. She began by hand-rolling the pretzels before the customers. It was an instant hit. Finally, she established her shop with the business idea of selling pretzel. The company also serves numerous dipping sauces. Beverages such as Lemonade Mixers come in 5 fruity flavors.

Auntie Anne’s well known for its freshly baked and hand rolled pretzels.

There are over 1100 Auntie Anne’s Franchise. It has locations at more than 211 places across the world. It has its presence in over 22 countries in UK, Middle East, Venezuela and Asia. The Auntie Anne’s Franchise stores and outlets can be seen at numerous places like the malls, airport, etc. It happens to be held privately. It has employee strength of around 150 employees. The company entered into franchising from the year 1991. It provides an at-Home Kits for baking. Hence, the pretzel products can to be prepared at home.

Direct or any sort of indirect monetary support is not given by Auntie Anne’s.

The fee collected for opening an Auntie Anne’s Franchise is about $30,000. The minimum cost to establish a franchise is about $1, 97,875 and the maximum cost is about $4, 39,100.The royalty is an ongoing fee that is paid. It is a fixed payment of seven percent. The company gives its franchisees two options of setting shop. It allows setting up of an Express shop else a kiosk can be setup. The contractual terms have validity for a period of twenty years; however, it can be renewed.

The fee for setting up the Auntie Anne’s Franchise, the startup cost, the equipment expense, the Inventory cost, the costs of the receivable accounts and the payroll expenses are all financed by Auntie Anne’s, if a third party is involved. However, costs of in house are not financed by Auntie Anne’s. It also does not provide any lease, or note or any obligation. The candidate for setting up the franchise should have industry experience. He should possess sales skill. Absentee ownership is not allowed. The employee count needed for setting up a franchise is nine to a maximum of twelve.

The initial training for opening Auntie Anne’s Franchise requires at least 3 individuals.

The training program has to be mandatorily completed for it to be considered successful. Before opening a franchise, the store manager needs to finish the program. This training comprises of hundred hours in-Store as well as classroom training sessions. It is compulsory that a franchisee needs to gain experience from an established Auntie Anne’s store for a minimum period of about forty hours in a week. The continuing service is given in the format of meetings, newsletters, free phone line, or the internet etc.

All Auntie Annes’ stores are company-owned.


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