Austin Chase Coffee Franchise Opportunity


Are you interest to own a café that serves great coffee and delicious food? Do you have a passion for food and beverage but you have no intention to start your own brand? Would you like to operate your own coffee place but is put off by the high franchise fees of brands that are too established?

Welcome to a successful franchise

If your answers are all Yes to the above, then you have come to the right place. This is a business opportunity that very much promises you guaranteed returns.

Austin Chase Coffee Business Opportunity

One name that you might consider is to franchise the Austin Chase coffee. This is one of the names that already have a strong catchment of customers as well as a ready market.

What makes Austin Chase coffee such an interesting option for investment is that you do not need to spend on marketing and promotions as it has a strong following of customers.

Should you franchise Austin Chase Coffee?

The Austin Chase Coffee brand was started in 1989 which means it now has more than 25 years of proven track record. Customers to frequent Austin Chase Coffee love the aromatic drinks served as well as its long list of snacks and other foods.

For food-lovers by food-lovers

If you are passionate about food, then this brand might well be your answer to a successful business venture. You will be trained on the brand messaging and all it entails. Besides that, you can make a good profit with this business through value-for-money items and other promotions.

Take note that each outlet will have its own retail license where you will need to allocate RM200,000 for the franchise fee. On top of that, it has a 6% royalty fee involved.

What do our experts say?

This is a good opportunity to be on par with the big names like Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or Starbucks. An established brand known for good coffee, this is one option that comes with very good profit returns.

  • Brand Reputation – Very strong and established.
  • Initial Capital – High but still not as high as some of the bigger names in designer coffee.
  • Return on Investment -If you have a good location, ROI is very fast, most likely within the first year.
  • Location – Good for shopping malls but you can consider lifestyle streets like Bangsar and Sri Petaling.
  • Customer Segment – Millennials, young working adults.

The Final Word

The Austin Chase Coffee brand can be a very good business opportunity that does not require a very high capital outlet. It is a good investment if you are passionate about F&B and designer coffee. Unlike the more expensive brands, your income can be very good in the short to middle-term.

On top of that, you need not get involved in much marketing (as you already pay royalty fee) which keeps your cost low as well.

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