Automotive and Parts Expo


Automotive Shows
An automotive show is among the most popular types of expo for both the manufacturers and car enthusiasts. This type of show is usually very anticipated because it is where new cars are being showcased and visitors are able to get close to the cars from manufacturers like Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda as well as the European brands like Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW and many others.

Car Expo
A car expo is slightly different from an automotive show mainly because manufacturers usually use this platform to demonstrate their prototypes and is commonly used as the place to find partners and collaborators. This type of expo involves large spaces that are used as exhibition booths for all the manufacturers involved which will have ‘auto girls’ parading.

This expo is organized for participation by manufacturers of parts and accessories for cars and other vehicles. It is usually a trade fair for manufacturers of parts like breaks, calipers, drive shafts and other components to find new partners.

Performance Parts
Manufacturers of parts that enhance the cars’ performance in terms of speed and efficiency use these expos to showcase what they can offer. The car modification industry is one which has been booming and is one of the most lucrative segments of the automotive market.

Eco-friendly manufacturers
Hybrid and electrical cars are gaining popularity in recent years where almost all the automotive giants are involved in this market segment. The automotive and parts expo is the ideal platform to showcase what their own respective models can do and how they are better than their competitors in terms of technology, alternative fuel and driving efficiency.

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