Aviation and Air Service Expo


This type of expo is usually held in a very big scale mainly because it involves airplanes and aviation equipment which are large and bulky. There is usually participation from aviation companies round the world who join this expo in order to demonstrate what their airplanes and machines can do. In Aviation Expos, companies will fly their planes and showcase the functions of their heavy machineries.

Defence Equipment
A defence expo will involve governments and ministries from participating countries as well as manufacturers of equipment used for national defence around the world. Like the aviation expo, defence-related events like this enjoy a lot of publicity because people from all walks of life will enjoy viewing defence machineries like tanks and fighter jets up, close and personal. However, the deals and agreement reached between the manufacturers and governments are always held privately as it involves classified deals.

This type of expo is a lot more commercial as compared to all other types of aviation-based expos. Commercial and private airlines will use this as the platform to create more awareness among its customers as well as to forge new partnerships among them which can then offer better pricing for air travel and other related services.

Aviation Engineering
Aviation engineering expo is a platform used by manufactures and spare part producers of the aviation industry. It is where new technologies can be communicated to customers and potential partners in the same segment which can include the likes of new and more efficient technologies, maintenance services and contracts and other deals involving spare parts for airlines.

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