Bagman Business Opportunity


A business in retail is always attractive and possibly lucrative if you have the right formula to start. Shopping for fashion and accessories has always been an on-going industry that does not get old.

Establishing your retail business

One of the very established names in the retail of bags and accessories in Malaysia is Bagman. Owned by Brilliant Merchandising Sdn Bhd, the business started out in 1994 where it is involved in the complete supply chain of bags.

What gives Bagman such a strong reputation among its customers is its quality of product and proven track record.

Operate your own Bagman

What you get with a Bagman franchise business is a brand with a strong history that offers a wide variety of products. This can be backpacks, laptop bags, sling bags, pouches and many more. Besides that, they also provide customized products as well.

What do our experts say?

The Bagman business can provide you with a good business opportunity if you are interested in venturing into the retail and fashion products. You will learn the tools of the trade and be provided with the training required to start and sustain the operations.

  • Brand Reputation – Bagman has a good track record when it comes to brand image.
  • Initial Capital – You should allocate at least RM200,000 to start this business.
  • Franchise Fees: RM25,000
  • Return on Investment – As the products are affordable, you need to sell volume in order to see a profit. This might take a bit longer from the start.
  • Location – Very good if you can have a location in the shopping mall. However, you can run in a shop lot as well.
  • Customer Segment – From students to working adults.

The Final Word

It must be noted that business in bags might be challenging to some as you are limited to a certain category of products to sell. But Bagman has a long reputation and history which means this brand has the experience and methods of clearing inventory.

You can venture into this business if you are comfortable with selling this product segment. There are a lot of different areas that you can consider while expansion can also be possible. You need to be more creative and innovate on your selling model.

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