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Malaysians love their food and snacks. Ban Heang is one of the popular local names when it comes to pastries and biscuits. In fact, it is one of the most renowned brands that makes and sells Tambun biscuits.

From Penang for Malaysians

Ban Heang biscuits were the brainchild of Mr. Leow Tit Ban who started this company in 1997. Selling the renowned Tambun biscuits, it is available in various local flavors. Today, Ban Heang is a known brand not only in Penang but across the country as well.

Biscuits and other products

Ban Heang has been growing in brand image and product offerings for more than 20 years now. The idea was to grow this Penang product in terms of relevance and customer base. Now, there are more than 200 different types that carry the brand name.

As such, Ban Heang’s principle of ‘Made Now, Bake Now and Sell Now’ has become the main mantra for this business. It provides you with many different opportunities as this is one product loved by Malaysians from all walks of life.

Business concepts to consider

You can now run your own franchise of Ban Heang easily. There are 2 types of concepts that you can choose from which could either be a Store or Kiosk concepts respectively. These are governed by the size and location of the outlet.

What do our experts say?

A lot of franchise businesses often offer F&B which could be restaurants and cafes. Having a kiosk that sells snacks and pastries can be a unique option. This is further compounded with the fact that you might be selling a product that is known and loved by the locals.

  • Brand Reputation – Very strong especially among locals.
  • Initial Capital – Medium to high depending on which size you choose for your outlet.
  • Return on Investment – Reserves will be needed for the first 2 years to sustain the operations.
  • Location – Very important as you need to clear inventory quickly.
  • Customer Segment – Local food lovers. It also appeals to travelers too.
  • Franchise and Royalty Fees: – Provided upon request.

The Final Word

This is one business opportunity that can be considered if you have the means to maintain the business for at least a year. Traffic is very crucial while you must make yourself known. This is because you need to appeal to your customers if you are not operating in Penang.

Other parts of Malaysia is possible but not everyone knows about Ban Heang. While you have ready customers who will buy, they will still prefer to buy from the main branch in Penang.

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