Beauty and Toiletries Expo


Beauty Products
The Beauty products segment is one of the largest markets in the world. Made up primarily of cosmetic brands and makeup companies, the female consumer segment is known to be worth billions globally. As such, in this expo, there will be a rush for space among manufacturers of beauty products like makeup and cosmetics. This expo will involve brands from around the world from the very established ones to those that are introducing new products in the market.

Toiletries are a segment of beauty products which usually target female consumers. This includes the likes of personal care products like shampoo, tooth paste, body wash and many others. Similarly to the brands involved in the beauty products expo, this event will involve most of the top toiletries brands in the market as well as some smaller brands that are looking to bridge new customers. Apart from that, there are brands that are highly specialized which are usually more expensive and would need the platform to explain their benefits to potential customers.

Diet and slimming
This segment will target mainly female consumers who are interested in diet and slimming. It will involve slimming centers that are selling all types of different dieting programmes and slimming methods for its customers. There will be packages that can be catered for customers from all segments. Apart from that, health and dietary supplements will be using this expo to display their product and convey the benefits to potential customers or those who are intended to go into a fitness regime.

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