Benguela Cove Residence with a view of the mountains and the waters in South Africa


The Overberg region in the Western Cape in South Africa is the home to the Benguela Cove Wine Estate. Above this area is a luxurious and beautiful house with a spectacular view of the Overberg mountains and the Bot River Lagoon.

Top design firms for the job

Built on top of a 1,610 square-meters land, this is a house with a space of 423 square meters with a typical Scandinavian motif. It has been given the architectural design styles of SAOTA with Okha furniture. Interior design was supplied by ARRCC, all of which are renowned firms in their respective design areas.

Simple and contemporary motif

This multi-level holiday home comes with a minimalist and yet modernist outlook inspired by mid-century scenes. One would surely draw the similarities between the hilly slopes and the traditional structures of the local farmhouse that this region is so popular for.

Inside the house, the visibility is unbelievable especially when it is so exposed to the strong winds and the weather outside. The one unique element of this house is that the external environment forms a big part of what the interiors are. As such, most of the design work is done and cultivated from the outside. This place gets a lot of sunlight and that is what brightens up the place throughout the day.

The kitchen island is one of the highlights here especially with the granite structure that serves both for preparation and dining. while the furniture is carefully and tastefully selected to complement the interior to perfection. One cannot but feel the peace and tranquillity of the home while appreciating the harmony within.
The boxy outlook from the outside looks every way a vacation home much like a place you will go to get away from the hustle and bustle. The lazy chairs that look far across the horizon of the blue skies and waters are the place you want to just lie down for the longest time.

Can this work in Malaysia?

A place like this could work very well in Malaysia especially when there are a lot of lakes and mountains around. However, it might not be a feasible as South Africa especially with the warm and humid weather that Malaysia experiences.

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