Bicycles and Motorcycles Expo


Types of products on display include mainly top bicycle brands. This includes bicycles that are used for all types of purposes whether it is for commercial or leisure. Manufacturers of bicycles used for commercial businesses like retail and food delivery are usually on display here. Meanwhile, there are bicycles that are used for leisure like off-road bicycles, racers and all other models that can be used for specific reasons.

This product is one of the most popular types used in such expos. This is because the motorcycle industry is one of the fastest growing segments in recent years in light of the rising cost of fuel and automobiles. Standard motorcycles that are used for transportation and carrying of goods are on show while the bigger names like Ducati and Harley-Davidson which sell superbikes and easy-riders are commonly involved as well.

Spare Parts
In such expos, spare part manufacturers are very common. They sell all types of parts that are catered for both bicycles and motorcycles that include lubricants, absorbers, exhaust pipes or systems and many others.

This is perhaps the most lucrative segment of this expo. Brand owners of crash helmets, leather jackets and all types of accessories used by bikers, cyclists and enthusiasts will display their products for sale during this expo. Apart from that, there are other accessories involved that include mobile devices, GPS and navigation systems as well as apparel from the 2-wheeled vehicle brands would usually be involved in this expo as well in order to offer more variety to the riders and cyclists.

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