Bitcoin Cash

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Bitcoin Cash came about due to the increasing fees on the bitcoin network. This drove many in the Bitcoin community to establish a hard fork so that the blocksize could be increased.

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Not to be confused with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency as well. A group of developers had in 2017 desired to increase the blocksize limited in Bitcoin. This change is known as the hard fork where the then Bitcoin ledger was divided into 2 parts. If you were holding Bitcoin at that time, you will also be holding an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash.

Why Bitcoin Cash came about?

Roger Ver was among those in the community who were not happy with the BIP 91 adoption. This he felt was only beneficial to those who wanted to keep Bitcoin for investment instead of using it for transactions. It was the SegWit improvement plans by Bitcoin that drove a larger group of people in the community to push for a change. The split would later become what is known as Bitcoin Cash today.

Trading Bitcoin Cash

As a cryptocurrency on its own, you can trade Bitcoin Cash in most of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Bitstamp and Coinstamp. It goes with the name BCH. It has days of being as high as $900 while plunged to a low of $300. Although it is quite popular, Bitcoin Cash is still a far cry from its �parent� cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which is 10 times its size.

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