Bitmax Switzerland

Bitmax is among the latest additions to the cryptocurrency market. This is a cryptocurrency exchange which is based in Switzerland that offers a full range of services on its platform. Among the services that it offers include institutional trading which will cover the likes of ad-hoc OTC agreement and internal rules that are of the highest standards. Besides that, this is where you get a preferred point of contact as well. It is an authorized platform which is fully compliant with the financial legislation and subject to the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act.

Adhering to new Banking Ordinance

Since August 2017, the new Banking Ordinance comes into effect, driving Bitmax to adhere to and to provide better services. With this, barriers have been reduced for companies like Bitmax with measures that can serve its customers faster and more efficiently. In fact, the measures being put in place will surely be a lot better for the customers as companies like Bitmax can now:

  1. As long as assets are used within 60 days, the entity is free to accept deposits without any restrictions.
  2. In the event hat 60 days is not enough, then the entity can accept up to CHF 1 million assets and the depositor must be informed accordingly

In other words, because Bitmax is aligned with the new Banking Ordinance, your assets can be legally accepted within 60 days or up to CHF 1 million.

As mentioned, ad-hoc agreements and preferred point of contact will be ideal for companies to invest in cryptocurrencies on your behalf. Bitmax is currently in the process of getting the middle term authorization from the Swiss Financial Supervision Authority FINMA. This will make Bitmax the first authorized blockchain based securities stock exchange platform in the market.

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