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Blockchains.My is a decentralized mobile wallet developed using Blockchain technology, mobile devices and advanced security of biometric identification systems. It is a platform that simplifies the process of making payments, as well as trading and exchanging digital currencies and gold among users with real-time price monitoring facility. The wallet is integrated with NFC Card to create association between the conventional financial service and cryptocurrency market.

A breakthrough in digital wallet design.

Cryptocurrency wallet so seamless to use that it feels like one you would keep in your pocket. Safe, secure, easy to use, and rich with features – everything you expect from a digital wallet.

The financial service is on the fast lane, choose to be advanced! Access Whitepaper User Manual 247


Take control over your wallet’s money by making a secure investment with our wallet.


Functions to store, receive, transfer, exchange & become merchants

Qr Code

Use QR code to make & receive payment


Exchange function using WAXIS exchange API

Peer 2 Peer

Peer-to-peer functions to locate merchants & buyer/seller on a map


Solid payment implementation with Solid Payment API

NFC Card

Cash in & cash out facilities against assets. NFC card solutions to withdraw fiat


Redeem DNC & GSC into physical gold


Become a merchant & sell your products or buy things you want or need with app.

We are expanding the financial access to the entire world population through blockchain, smartphone and internet. All we want is for you to relax and enjoy success in the cryptocurrency world.
Get the app now and take delight in the journey.

Innovation For Users doesn’t need documents and signatures to verify user’s identity. They implement biometric identification via face recognition by using Microsoft Azure API. They can securely take part in various financial activities while being firmly protected by their biometrics identifications. With a simple UX and UI users will be able to log in to easily. They also use ICO and scattered digital assets through their cryptocurrency rather than the conventional shareholders system.

For Partners

It is a way to stimulate the ecosystem and economic growth through our open source stack and APIs. Start-ups and existing businesses will be able to provide services on our platform. This can increase the opportunity to be seen by a huge community in our app via the Ethereum blockchain APIs. We also offer to assist and encourage young start-ups to speed up their growth. So hop on and reveal what you’ve got.


Blockchain relies on encryption to validate transactions by verifying the identities of parties involved in transaction.

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