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Types of online purchase or buying

Online shopping does not only cover searching for a product, purchasing them and wait for delivery. It entails more than that. It is about convenience


Brazil Embassy Malaysia Trade

The Embassy of Brazil in Kuala Lumpur is the Brazilian government’s official representative in Malaysia. The office is known as Embaixada do Brasil em Kuala

Embassy of France in Malaysia

The Embassy of France in Malaysia or La France en Malaisie is the authoritative governmental representative of France in Malaysia. It offers a full range

banking websites in malaysia

All E-Banking Websites in Malaysia

Maybank2u The E-Banking site of one of the largest banks in Malaysia. Malayan Banking Berhad has been around for decades and is the leading bank

Malaysian Monarchy System

Malaysian Monarchy System

HEAD OF STATE AND RULERS OF THE STATES The office of the King is not hereditary. Malaysia practices a system of government based on Constitutional

Buddhism in Malaysia

In a multi-cultural country like Malaysia, having the freedom to practice religion is crucial in order to preserve harmony. The main religions in Malaysia are

DIfferences between democracy and Autocracy

Generally, there are two types of government in the world which is either democracy or autocracy. Both systems differ in terms of power concentration. In