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As the main stock exchange in the country, Bursa Malaysia plays a crucial role in regulating and maintaining a stable bourse market. This is where you will find everything you need to know about Bursa Malaysia.
It includes all the latest news and any related updates pertaining to the Malaysian stock exchange like legislation, upcoming policies and procedures and any other issues brought up by the government.
You can learn about the history of Bursa Malaysia and how far it has come as the main share market for the country. Here is where you can find and download the most recent annual reports, updates on share prices and others. Besides that, there is a collection of announcements made by Bursa Malaysia over the past few years in chronological order to give you a clear picture of what has transpired especially when it concerns a particular issue in the market.

LEAP Market

The LEAP Market stands for Leading Entrepreneur Accelerator Platform Market introduced by Bursa Malaysia back in 2017. It adds on to the current Main and

stock mutualfund

Understanding stock trading procedures and fees

Under most circumstances, trading stocks in Bursa Malaysia requires some level of understanding of the procedures and fees before you can begin trading. Whether the

The Central Depository System (CDS)

What is CDS? The CDS or Central Depository System is an account which is needed if you want to transfer ownership and trade shares using

What are Indices in Bursa Malaysia?

Indices are basically indexes which are used by the stock market where they are calculated based on the several different stocks and players of the

Bursa Malaysia ACE-Market

What is the ACE Market?

The ACE Market which stands for ‘Access, Certainty, Efficiency’ is actually the new name for the formerly known MESDAQ (Malaysian Exchange of Securities Dealing and

What is the Main Market?

The Main Market in Bursa Malaysia is actually a combination of the former Main and Second Board companies. Today, companies which was previously listed under

Bursa Malaysia Listing Requirements

The gradual growth of any company would eventually to go public or towards the IPO (Initial Public Offering) path where you will be able to



The REITs segment of Bursa Malaysia are basically counters that are made up of real estate investment trust counters. These are usually made up of



With new projects being announced by the government and new developments in around Malaysia, property prices have been very dynamic recently. The property development companies

Industrial Products

Industrial products

The Industrial Products category in Bursa Malaysia has the most counters as compared to other categories. It is made up of companies operating in Malaysia



The hotels segment in Malaysia’s Bursa Main board constitutes the smallest segment of counters because there are only 4 companies whose shares are traded here.



The plantation industry is one of the most dynamic markets in Malaysia because while the economy is moving away from agriculture, a large portion of



In Bursa Malaysia, there are 2 boards where you can invest in technology oriented companies. One is through the main board while you can also



Finance companies listed in Bursa Malaysia are usually the most active ones among all other companies. In this category, you will find mostly companies which



Among all the categories in the Bursa Malaysia main board, the infrastructure segment is one of the smallest. It has one of the fewest number



One of the largest segments of Bursa Malaysia’s main board, the Trading and Services consist of companies that cover companies and organisations involved with the



In the construction companies segment of Bursa Malaysia, organisations which are involved with building and its related services are included. Shares traded in this segment


Consumer Products

This segment involves all the public listed companies in Bursa Malaysia. The companies with shares traded in this category are mainly companies who are involved


When to buy and sell in Stock Market

With the availability of online trading, you can now trade shares even after the usual trading hours. The Bursa Malaysia market is open for trading