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As the main stock exchange in the country, Bursa Malaysia plays a crucial role in regulating and maintaining a stable bourse market. This is where you will find everything you need to know about Bursa Malaysia.
It includes all the latest news and any related updates pertaining to the Malaysian stock exchange like legislation, upcoming policies and procedures and any other issues brought up by the government.

You can learn about the history of Bursa Malaysia and how far it has come as the main share market for the country. Here is where you can find and download the most recent annual reports, updates on share prices and others.

Besides that, there is a collection of announcements made by Bursa Malaysia over the past few years in chronological order to give you a clear picture of what has transpired especially when it concerns a particular issue in the market.


The plantation industry is one of the most dynamic markets in Malaysia because while the economy is moving away from agriculture, a large portion of the income still comes from this category. Malaysia’s rich resources of rubber and palm oil provides a lot of revenue for companies in the plantation industry and these companies therefore are listed in the mentioned category in Bursa Malaysia’ main board.

Most plantation stocks are not known to be as active as other counters although every once in a while, there would be one or two (like IOI Corp) which register surprise results. This is due to the upcoming projects and how they will influence the group’s overall performance. You can now share your information and your insights with others here.

You will find that the plantation board is mostly made up of companies which are Malaysian and among the most popular counter here is IOI Corp which currently is a major property and service industry giant in Malaysia. IOI is a company which achieved remarkable success in palm oil before embarking into property. Hence, their counter IOI Corp is listed in this segment. Other companies with stocks traded here include AAsia, BKawan, Cepat, Dutaland, FarEast, Unico, TSH, RSawit, PLS, Malpac and KMLoong.


The hotels segment in Malaysia’s Bursa Main board constitutes the smallest segment of counters because there are only 4 companies whose shares are traded here. This is where you will find that while the companies are listed under the Hotels category, they are also involved with other related services although their main priority are still in their hotel businesses.

Take note that not all the main hotel companies are listed in within this category because companies like IOI who operates a chain of hotels and resorts in Malaysia are listed under their main business category which is in the plantations sector.

Here is where you will find companies like GCE which is Guthrie’s subsidiary, Landmark Holdings which operates the Andaman hotels and resorts, PMHoldings as well as Shang the owner and operator of Shangri-La hotels and resorts around the country and surrounding regions.

You can now share insider news if you have any with other members of the club here where you will also be able to receive very valuable insights into upcoming contracts and developments of these companies in around Malaysia. Such information will be able to help you in your investments especially if you are considering to trade the stocks from these operators.


With new projects being announced by the government and new developments in around Malaysia, property prices have been very dynamic recently. The property development companies too have been very active where they are constantly embarking on new property and real estate developments around Malaysia.

In this category, you will find a list of some of the most established property developers in Malaysia. Here is where you will be able to buy and sell shares of companies like A&M, Bolton, Daiman, GMutual, KSL, Naim and such. Other more established developers listed in this category of Bursa Malaysia include IGB, IJM Land, Equine, Glomac, OSK Properties, SP Setia, UOA Development, UM Land as well as YTL Land. Share prices of these companies are very active and at certain times very volatile as there are always new developments and announcements made by the government of Malaysia which are aimed at benefiting the people and the society at large.

Should you have any information or insider news of upcoming projects which will surely change the outlook and prices of the shares of these companies, you can share them with other members here. This is where you will be able to benefit from the information before buying your shares.


In the construction companies segment of Bursa Malaysia, organisations which are involved with building and its related services are included. Shares traded in this segment are mainly from companies which are involved with property development, real estate as well as the supplier of construction materials. Among the most prominent stocks in this segment include IJM, AZRB, Ekovest, Rainhill and YTL.

In this category, you will find that most companies are involved with construction of buildings and real estate projects spanning from homes, residential areas to shopping malls, commercial centers to offices, public projects like bridges, government quarters, condominiums and such in and around Malaysia.

This is where you can be part of the club that discusses the insider news of upcoming projects and real estate developments around Malaysia. Companies like BG Year, BPuri, MTDACPI, Melati are some of the organisations listed here. Discuss about what you know or have heard which might influence the outcome of the share prices and learn to trade from the experts.
Other companies in this segment include Zelan, TSRCAP, Seloga, Mudajaya, PLB, Pintaras, Sunway and many more all of which are involved with development of new projects and the maintenance of current ones in Malaysia.


One of the largest segments of Bursa Malaysia’s main board, the Trading and Services consist of companies that cover companies and organisations involved with the mentioned 2 areas operating in Malaysia. Here is where you will find a wide range of companies offering many types of services like franchise companies for instance Hai-O as well as those involved with trading.

This segment includes both local and international companies operating in Malaysia and offers a wide range of products. Some are in the manufacturing of products while others offer services in the Malaysian market. For instance, Aeon offers financial schemes to consumers while it is also the operator of the Jusco chain of department stores in Malaysia. Generally, this segment covers most of the companies which are involved in most areas which are not as specialized as compared to other categories.

AirAsia, Malaysia’s largest budget carrier is also traded in this category while Axiata, the operator of Telekom Malaysia too is in this segment. Other renowned companies listed here include BJToto, DKSH, Compugates, Faber, MYEG, Parkson, MISC, Genting and others. This is where members can share information about the counters of this segment that also include companies like TM, Syscorp, Utusan and RGB.


Among all the categories in the Bursa Malaysia main board, the infrastructure segment is one of the smallest. It has one of the fewest number of companies here. Generally, this segment covers companies which offer services by providing infrastructure around Malaysia either to the public or the private sector.

Generally, this segment is where companies which offer specific infrastructure and facilities where they usually garner public projects from the government and offering them to the public and the people around Malaysia. Most of the services offered here are largely depended on the performance of the companies and their stocks are usually considered quite stable because their operations widely rely on the public support, which are usually very essential.

You can now share information about insider news or tips on upcoming projects and development in these companies in this sector. Talk about how companies like Litrak, the major expressway operator of Malaysia has been awarded a new highway project or how companies like Digi is going all out to compete against the likes of the bigger telco boys like Maxis and Celcom. Apart from Digi and Litrak, energy providers like YTLPower too have their stocks traded in this segment. Other companies listed in this category include AIRB, Puncak, Silk Holdings and TimeCom.


In Bursa Malaysia, there are 2 boards where you can invest in technology oriented companies. One is through the main board while you can also invest in stocks listed in the ACE board. Where this is concerned, there are more companies listed in the ACE board as compared to the Main board. Generally, this segment is where you will be able to invest in companies which are very technology oriented in the areas of information technology, engineering and some very specific companies of this industry of Malaysia.

In the ACE Market, there are companies like YTLE, MNC, Rexit, SMRTech, SysTech, TriCubes, Digistar, AGlobal, Genetec, K1 and Pirva while the main board consists of bigger companies likw AIC, Dataprep, EForce, Kobay, Mesiniaga and Vitrox. Other companies which are also very established ones include GHL Systems, Censof, Patimas, Theta, Heitech Padu and Amtel.
As a member of this club, you will be able to get new and updated information about projects and public tenders received by these companies which will then help you to make better judgements on which stock to invest in. You will find that most of these companies in Malaysia are involved with projects involving the public and private sectors while those who rely on Malaysian government projects would be sound investments in most cases.

Industrial products

The Industrial Products category in Bursa Malaysia has the most counters as compared to other categories. It is made up of companies operating in Malaysia which are basically involved with all types of products and services encompassing oil and gas, steel industries, wood industries, packaging and many more. Here is where you will find counters like Wijaya which is involved with healthcare and operates one of the major specialist hospitals in Malaysia, MinTEc, Ingress, Jasa Kita, BTM and others.

Companies from Malaysia as well as multinational ones with their subsidiaries here in Malaysia have their stocks traded in this category and you will be able to find all types of companies that also covers Kinsteel, Leweko, Lion group, Maemode, Mieco, CSCStel as well as as Adventa too.

Share with others any insights and upcoming project information here and you will find that you will get more sound investments and better returns of your money when trading these shares. The counters here are considered to be among the more active ones among all other counters. This is because there are many counters operating in this segment which are major companies in Malaysia that also include Jadi, DRB HICOM, CinWei, White Horse ceramics, and SCOMI.


The REITs segment of Bursa Malaysia are basically counters that are made up of real estate investment trust counters. These are usually made up of companies which are primarily involved in the property and real estate development sectors. Generally, REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust) are tax designation used by a corporation which are investing in the area of real estate and this is done to help them reduce their corporate taxes. The companies would then have to distribute back their taxable income back to the investors usually involving some 90%. Typically, it is very similar to that of mutual funds which are normally practiced with normal stock companies.

In Malaysia, REITs are traded in the Bursa under several counters that include AHP, AMfrist, Atrium, BSdreit, Hktar, Stareit, TWRREIT, UOAreit, Sunreit, QCapita, CMMT, Axreit and ALQAR. These stocks are usually considered a bit more tricky if you are planning to invest in them as compared to other categories hence you will need to rely on, at most times insider news and insights of these counters before buying the shares. Discuss them with other members here about whether it is wise and sound to invest in any counter or provide your experiences for others to learn from here.

What is Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs)?

Real Estate Investment Trust or in short REITs are basically a type of trust fund which usually involves companies pooling money from its investors and shareholders and then using an accumulated amount, invest them into real estate assets which could be any type of property in the real estate sector. As the amount is very high, the fund managers would be able to invest in larger property projects like residential or commercial buildings, industrial or retail lots and any other type of real estate properties. Basically, REITs is a form of passive investment vehicle which will buy real estates which will generate income and it is seen as one of the most stable and consistent income for its unit holders.

This is because funds in REITs are channelled into the property market which is known to be one of the most stable sectors and then from there, the profit is generated through the rental generated from the real estates. Current regulations require at least 90% of the income generated through REITs be channelled and distributed back to its unit holders.

Under Bursa Malaysia, among some of the largest REITs include Sunway REIT which came with a fund size of 2.78 billion units when it was first listed and at RM0.97 sen. Other REITs traded under Bursa Malaysia include Amanah Raya REIT, AmFirst REIT, Axis REIT, Starhill REIT, UOA REIT, Quill Capita REIT and Atrium REIT and quite obviously, they are commonly property developing parties.

Why should you invest in REITs?

Investing in REITs have its advantages where it supposedly could yield a stable and recurrent income as that is the very nature of its profits. Unless there is a crisis in the property market, REITs are considered to be very stable as rental will continue to be imposed and this is one market which is deemed to be more resilient even during an economic downturn. Furthermore, when at least 90% of the income from REITs is distributed back to the unit holders, it provide a stable and consistent benefit that unit holders can enjoy.

Diversification is one of the main attractions of REITs where they are usually invested in different geographical real estate locations and this avoids the ‘putting all eggs in one basket’ mentality. By pooling together a large amount of funds, the REIT managers would be able to buy larger units and more marketable property in different locations which means that it will be more profitable in many ways. It will consequently reduce the negative effects often associated with holding assets from one single location. On top of that, REITs are managed by fund managers which are usually professionals and experts in the property development sector. As mentioned earlier, most REITs are usually managed by companies which are property developers in nature.

When needed, REITs can be sold quite quickly if the fund manager finds or discovers new or better investment opportunities. This is because unlike the conventional real estate ownership which are often difficult to liquidate, REITs are typically more liquid assets. One of the contributing factors to this is because REITs are typically listed and traded units on Bursa Malaysia. Investors of REITs would also enjoy the affordability of this investment because you are basically investing in property without the being the sole owner of the lot. Basically, it is different where you are not required to have a large capital in order to invest. Apart from that, you also need not have to undergo the whole documentation process of agreements, stamp duties or lawyer fees which are imposed in the standard procedures of buying property. Your investment is also well protected and thereby ensuring that they are safe because REITs operating under Bursa Malaysia is governed by the Securities Commission Act 1993, the Guidelines on Real Estate Investment Trusts and the Guidelines on Islamic Real Estate Investment Trusts, which means that your interests are protected.

However, this does not mean that REITs are all profit and no risk because there is bound to be risks in every investment method. Under certain circumstances, the ability of the REITs to make proper distributions could be affected when some real estates do not generate enough or sufficient cash flow or net operating profit. This is particularly so during economic downturns when rentals might be harder to come by.

The total return of REITs are usually subject to the performance of the current property market and hence, although you might enjoy a stable income, it is by no means guaranteed and although not common, if the properties drop in value, the unit price of the REIT might follow suit. As an investor, you have no direct control over the investment decisions, how they are managed and such and as per any other investment methods, the market factors will play an important role of the demand and supply. You will find that the volatility and fluctuations of the market would surely affect the performance of REITs which will also involve its other risk factors.

Consumer Products

This segment involves all the public listed companies in Bursa Malaysia. The companies with shares traded in this category are mainly companies who are involved with the manufacturing, distributing and selling of products for the consumer market of Malaysia. This also include all types of companies which are Multinational companies who set up their subsidiaries in Malaysia. This includes companies like Dutch Lady, Nestle, Mamee, Goldis and others. Generally, all types of products sold in the consumer market are the main products manufactured in this category.

Consumer product companies include companies which are operating in Malaysia who basically are either brand owners of fast moving consumer goods like Nescafe, Anchor, Carlsberg, Yeos, Spritzer and others. On top of that, it also include companies which are involved in products like stationeries, paper production and others. This encompasses the companies like Nibong Tebal Paper, Tomei as well as F&N too.

Discuss with members around Malaysia who are interested in investing stocks in such companies here and share information which would be beneficial to everyone. Companies like Acostec, Apollo, Biosis, CAB, Degem, Ekowwod, GAB, LiiHen, Mintye and Pelikan are among many other companies listed under this category. Talk about the performance of the counters while also predicts the outcome of the share prices here.

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