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This segment is where the latest trends, business news and headlines are. Provided in brief with an easy-to-read format, it contains a lot of relevant information for professionals and businessmen around the country which offers advice and current updates for their businesses and corporations.

Features section

In every edition, Business Today will have several feature stories which dwell into specific interests and industries. This includes write-ups on companies that have been performing very well, success stories of certain organizations, best practices and profiles of successful businessmen across Malaysia. Apart from that, there would be write-ups and articles like business ideas, tips and tricks, business advice and others aimed at helping the professional businessman to improve and grow.

Investments section

This is in a segment called Money Today where Business Today provides insights into certain investment areas that could work for the reader. From advice on good investment to keeping a company afloat in an economic crisis, this segment provides a lot of vital information which is very relevant in today’s economy.

Property section

There is a segment on property investment which gives the reader good insights and in-depth evaluation of this market. This includes news of new launches, property valuation, lifestyle and many more, all of which will give the reader a good perspective of investing in this market.

Other Segments

Besides money and investment, Business Today provides leisure reading in other areas like Going Green and Wheels which includes living a healthy life and in the automotive sector. These articles are provided to give readers more reading options which is relevant in today’s fast-moving and hectic lifestyle.

Money Markets

It is vital for any investor or business person to know about the money markets. In Malaysia, there are several major markets that can be considered like:

  1. Cryptocurrency market – This is among the most exciting new markets to emerge in recent years. There are exchanges available for trading and readers should do the relevant research and find out as much as they can before investing
  2. Share Market – Bursa Malaysia hosts the MAIN, ACE and LEAP markets. What are they and which market is worth investing in? Such information is extremely important for the investor and any business professional today
  3. Forex – A strong investment market in recent years, traders can now enjoy the processes fully online

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