Celmonze The Signature


Are you passionate about beauty and skincare? Do you have an intention or would like to run a business in this market? Perhaps owning a franchise in Celmonze The Signature could help you achieve your dreams.

A growing market in skincare

One of the most lucrative business sectors to venture into would be in skincare and beauty. With economies moving faster than ever, people are looking for convenient and value-for-money services for general wellbeing and health. In the female beauty industry, this is more prominent than ever. Celmonze The Signature is one of the very strong names in this sector.

Why Celmonze The Signature?

Celmonze The Signature is actually a Parisian brand which means it has the image and quality that will resonate well with those seeking these services. In fact, nothing beats enjoying the products from the capital of fashion and Celmonze The Signature would surely be a sound investment if you plan to invest in this market.

The Celmonze The Signature Brand

The philosophy is simple where Celmonze The Signature wants to take over the industry one cell at a time. To date, it has opened more than 40 outlets across Malaysia and Singapore and this is expected to grow in the near and long term future. The brand, which comes from France is offered through a franchise fee of USD15,000 for a term of 5 years. There is a royalty fee of 2% involved which comes in several different sizes in terms of the outlet dimensions.

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