Chambers of Commerce and Industry Organisations


American Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM)

The body that represents owners of businesses in Malaysia with linkages to the American market. This is a non-profit and private-sector business association with about 1,500 members. The AMCHAM is part of the APCAC or Asia Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce.

Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM)

ACCIM is made up of 17 Constituent Members which are all located across the different states in Malaysia. Founded in 1921, it is the oldest national level chamber of commerce in the country that represents the Chinese business sector and other areas.

Association of the Computer and Multimedia Industry, Malaysia (PIKOM)

One of the largest chambers in Malaysia, PIKOM represents the computer and multimedia retail sector, its business owners and related areas of economy. Each year, PIKOM holds fairs and other related events to promote the industry and create better awareness.

British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (BMCC)

BMCC is affiliated to one of the oldest chambers of commerce in the world. BMCC helps to foster better bilateral ties between Malaysian and British businesses and companies via trade shows, events and campaigns that promote more public awareness.

Chemical Industries Council of Malaysia (CICM)

Established back in 1978, the CICM is part of the FMM or Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers. It has a voice in the ACIC (ASEAN Chemical Industries Council) where it integrates the entire chemical industry Malaysia, representing it in policy input and other areas.

EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EUMCCI)

EUMCCI was formerly the EUBC (European Union Business Council). The change came about in 2003 where the non-profit organisation became more relevant with the transformation in the global economy. EUMCCI is tasked at developing EU business interests in Malaysia, among others.

Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM)

One of the oldest organisations in the country, the FMM was set up in 1968 and has been one of the integral parties in promoting the manufacturing industry for the world. It is one of the largest economic organisations in Malaysia, totally to almost 3,000 companies.

Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia (MCCM)

The MCCM is one of the most active chambers of commerce organisations in Malaysia. It is among the largest due to the majority number of bumiputera and Malay businesses currently operating in the country where it represents this group in related aspects.

Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH)

The MAH represents hotel operators in Malaysia. Established in 1974, it currently has more than 700 members where it works very closely with the Ministry of Tourism to promote the travel and tourism industry of Malaysia in terms of service standards and policies.

Malaysian Australia Business Council (MABC)

MABC is the council responsible for fostering good economic ties between businesses from Australia operating in Malaysia. It operates as the collective voice of Australian businesses to have a better working relationship through policy input, legislation and other related matters.

Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA)

This is the Malaysian body that represents members of vehicle owners in the government to provide input on membership issues and matters arising. Efforts are put in place in society and governmental aspects to create better public awareness and other issues affecting the members.

Malaysia Canada Business Council (MCBC)

MCBC is a non-profit organisation which helps in promoting the business interests of Canadian businesses in Malaysia. Set up in 1989, it is made up of Canadian companies that are operating in the country as well as Malaysian organisations with any business, societal or educational ties with Canada.

Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MAYCHAM China)

Established in 2003, MAYCHAM China operates in China as a foreign chamber of commerce. It is responsible to facilitate and enhance the business partnerships between companies of both Malaysia and China and protecting the interest of business operators in China.

Malaysian Dutch Business Council (MDBC)

Set up in 1996, MDBC has since been putting in place efforts and initiatives to build better ties for businesses between the Netherlands and Malaysia. This is provided through platforms like services and networking opportunities for more than 230 of its members.

Malaysian-Finnish Business Council (MFBC)

The MFBC plays an important in providing the opportunities for its members to work with each other through business partnerships and other cohesive programmes for organisations from Finland operating in Malaysia. This is applicable to Malaysian companies with business interest is in Finland as well.

Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce Industry (MGCC)

The MGCC is the collective voice and representative for German organisations with businesses or any roles involved in the Malaysian market. Besides that, it helps Malaysian organisations who are looking to venture into Germany with the relevant information and representation if required.

Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI)

The MICC is the oldest Malaysian chamber of commerce. Dating back to more than 170 years ago, it was set up in 1837 where it has been actively advocating the Malaysian business community on both the local and international markets through trade shows, events and such.

Malaysian Iron & Steel Industry Federation (MISIF)

As the name implies, MISIF is mainly concerned with the iron and steel product manufacturers in Malaysia. With almost 150 members, the MISIF is involved in all aspects of the businesses in this sectors including companies dealing with raw and semi-finished products, among others.

Malaysian Italian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MITCCI)

The MITCCI helps to facilitate the growing industry of businesses from Italy with any interest in the Malaysian economy. It is involved as the representative voice for businesses to and from Italy and Malaysia through trade shows and other related events.

Malaysian Knitting Manufacturers Association (MKMA)

MKMA is made up of a focused community of businesses that are in the manufacturing of textile related products. Established in 1975, MKMA is involved in the promoting and protecting the business interests of those in the area of printing, knitting, spinning and dyeing & finishing of products.

Malaysia Mould & Die Association (MMADA)

MMADA was established in 1994 when it was only involved with the mould and die businesses of Selangor and Federal Territory. Since 2001, it has become a national organisation and has been working towards growing the development and economy of this sector.

Malaysia New Zealand Business Council (MNZBC)

MNZBC, like other business councils provides the avenue and platforms for businesses from both countries with initiatives and trade shows. This helps businesses from New Zealand to grow in Malaysia as well as local ones having any interests there too.

Malaysia Norway Business Council (MNBC)

MNBC is the national agency involved in building healthy business ties between companies from Norway looking to venture into Malaysia. Through bilateral agreements and other initiatives, MNBC helps businesses from Malaysia to set up in Norway through trade events and others.

Malaysian Pharmaceutical Industry (MOPI)

MOPI is integral and plays a vital role in the development of the pharmaceutical industry of Malaysia. It is aligned with the government’s new economic development plan which involves areas like over-the-counter medicine, herbal supplements, prescription medicine and others.

Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association (MPMA)

The MPMA was set up in 1967 where it has been progressively involved in the building of a healthy industry for manufacturers of plastic products in the country. It is the representative for businesses in this sector and its related areas in terms of providing input for legislation, policies and other issues.

Malaysian Petrochemicals Association (MPA)

MPA is made up of companies and businesses that are involved with the petrochemicals and plastic resin manufacturing of Malaysia. Established in 1997, it has been building a growing platform for businesses providing these services by building networks across the world.

Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers’ Association (MARGMA)

The MARGMA is one of the more active associations established in 1989 where it provides the platform and avenue for companies and businesses that are involved and contributing to the rubber glove industry. It is the collective voice for manufacturers and businesses alike to provide input for the government in terms of policies and legislature.

Malaysian Rubber Products Manufacturers’ Association (MRPMA)

MRPMA is the main organization body which represents businesses in the rubber production industry. It helps to foster better cooperation and ties between those in this sector to build and enhance the local industry in terms of export and other policies.

Malaysian-Swedish Business Association (MASBA)

MASBA is mainly involved in the setting up of a healthy business environment for Swedish companies in Malaysia. Besides that, it helps Malaysian businesses who are looking to venture into Sweden where MASBA will help in terms of fostering ties and networking.

Malaysian Textile Manufacturers Association (MTMA)

MITMA is the national body which helps to facilitate companies from the textile manufacturing industry. It is involved in the promoting and enhancing of the market, helping manufacturers to get more exposure and enjoy new business relationships through networking programmes and other initiatives.

Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM)

MBAM is an important voice for construction companies and property developers across Malaysia. It is the national voice for companies and businesses in this sector founded back in 1954 with a vast network of companies from both the local and international fronts.

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