Checklist to Ensure that Your Small Business is an Effective Organization


Business is in an ideal position to nail its colors to the mast and set out to become and remain an effective organization. The reward is potentially huge. The effective organization delivers what its customers want in a consistent way and makes sure that its delivery cost is as low as possible. Now if that is good for your customers it has to be good for your business too.
If a small business sets out with the philosophy of developing as an effective organization it can create a huge competitive advantage for itself as it grows. The added benefit is that it won’t have to spend a fortune trying to sort things out later on once they have grown and it becomes more difficult and more costly to make improvements.

In this article we discuss what you need to do, and provide you with a checklist to make sure that your small business develops and grows as an effective organisation.

Organisational Effectiveness in a Small Organisation

To make organisational effectiveness work in a small organisation the same factors need to be in place that would be required in any organisation. The philosophy, the improvement method, tools to aid the process, leadership support, the motivation to want to improve all have to be present. In some areas however making a small organisation effective represents a unique challenge.

For example, finding enough resource in a small organisation to support dedicated improvement teams is perhaps an optimistic notion. On the plus side, however, it will generally be easier to identify the issues and to agree and make the required changes.

The approach to organisational effectiveness in a small organisation is therefore to embrace the whole organisation rather than representatives of it, to establish a culture of continuous improvement from the outset and to get everyone to do things effectively the first time.

By getting it right as we develop, we avoid the need for rework later. We avoid the need to set up improvement teams and correct what has gone wrong, by giving everyone the mindset and the support and tools that enable them to make the organisation an effective organisation as it develops.

A Checklist for Making Your Small Organisation Effective

If you are persuaded that this is the right approach for you then you will want to make progress. You need to know what to do. It’s not difficult, nor is it particularly time consuming. Doing things effectively the first time may not take any longer that just doing it. What this approach does need is your long term commitment and enthusiasm. Here’s a checklist to follow.

*If you are the leader, get everyone on board with the philosophy. Get the team enthusiastic and devote time occasionally to keeping it that way.

*Commit as a team to doing things effectively at the first time of asking.

*Import some simple improvement methods and supporting tools that everyone can use to help you to develop effectively.

*Make sure that everyone is trained to use the methods and tools, and empowered to use them.

*As you work out how to do things effectively write it all down so that the team can do the same thing consistently.

*Learn from the experience of others. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

*Monitor what you do, make sure that any change is actually an improvement, and keep working at it.

Getting the Benefit

Commit to the approach. Follow the check list. Keep at it and if you develop your organization as an effective organization you will find that your products and services are amongst the most competitive in the market place. That has to be good for business.

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