Cloud of Luster Wedding Chapel Himeji, Japan – Getting married don’t come any better than this


This looks every bit like the place anyone would want to get married in. The Cloud of Luster Wedding Chapel is the work of Tetsuya Matsumoto, the head architect and founder of Tokyo and Himeji-based KTX archiLAB together with his team, Farid Ziani and Motoaki Takeuchi and the result is far amazing than anyone could imagine.

A wedding made in heaven

To mention heaven is to go celestial with the outlook and this 245 square-meter space stands majestically in Himeji within Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture. It replaces the former Aile-Blanche Chapel which is part of the La-Vienne Wedding Ceremony Hall. The first impression one would get here is how clean the place is where all the technical fittings are hidden from sight as everything else is designed and placed for one reason and one reason only, the wedding.

Angelic innocence down the aisle

From the onset, it does not look like the run-of-the-mill wedding chapel because this is a modernistic space that dispels all the age-old impressions of places to get married. With the Cloud of Luster, even Las Vegas need to take a back seat. Such is the finished work of the designers with this place.

The overall color scheme here is quite expectedly white and grey but what really takes the cake here is the curvy motifs. Futuristic is the key-design element and when that is bridged with a wedding theme, a whole new world unfurls. The pillars in the chapel touch the ceiling with curvy joints and it sits 100 people through the white and minimalist benches.

If that does not create excitement, then the aisle will. White lights illuminate the walkway from the back to the altar for the couple which creates an ambiance so heavenly, it can only once be dreamt of. Water surrounds the main chapel and the curvy, tall glasses provide a glimpse of the outside and vice-versa.

Can this work in Malaysia?

There has always been a constant demand for unique wedding venues in Malaysia. Such a design would surely be greatly demanded if couples are looking for memorable locations and spaces for their big day. This type of space could be interesting with a lot of possibilities especially with the rich cultural and mixed backgrounds among Malaysians.

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