Commercial Property Outlook from COVID-19 and after


What is a commercial property in Malaysia?

Properties with a commercial title in Malaysia include shop lots, retail spaces, warehouses (or factories) and office spaces.

Is it easy to invest in commercial property in Malaysia?

Yes, buying a commercial lot is as straightforward as buying any other type of property like private homes. You can quite easily buy a shop lot or a factory. However, retail outlets (in shopping malls) might be slightly more complicated.

Is this a good time to invest in commercial properties in Malaysia?

Property prices have dropped since the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. This would be a good time to buy if you have the funds to do so and be able to weather through the pandemic.

Is it a good option to invest in a retail outlet?

When there is a plan to open (or build) a shopping mall, you might be invited to buy some of its retail lots. While this seemed to be a viable investment since rental is quite guaranteed, you need to be aware of its risks. There have been many failed shopping malls like UE3, Phoenix Plaza, SSTWO Mall which came with a lot of potentials but failed miserably. Investors were left stranded.

Which area is good to invest in commercial properties?

There has been a rising demand for commercial properties in residential and community regions since 2021. This is probably due to the COVID-19 situation where more people are looking to start small businesses, often requiring smaller spaces and catering to the people in the community.

What is the 2021 outlook and beyond?

Commercial properties will always be in demand and the price would always increase. Malaysia has shop lots and retail lots in abundance. COVID-19 affected the property market very significantly but it has somehow brought the prices down a little and then moderating it to a more realistic level. Prior to COVID-19, the property market has been skyrocketing due to speculators and investors. From 2021 and on to 2020, the markets will recover and the property market will also stabilize. This is a good time to invest only if you have the funds to get through the tough times.

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