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There is a certain type of credit card you can use which is somewhat catered for your lifestyle.

The Trend of Credit Cards in Malaysia Cashback and Rewards

Whether you are those who are looking for rewards each time you spend with your credit card or if you are those who like to enjoy convenience, Malaysian banks have many options for you to choose from. Below are your options.

HSBC Credit Cards – Perfect for the Massive Spender

HSBC Amanah Mpower Platinum Credit Card-I is Syariah-compliant where you can enjoy privileges as a platinum customer. Besides that, you can enjoy an ideal cashback system for spending on groceries and petrol with a 20-day grace period in some situations. There is an annual fee involved where you need a minimum income of RM30,000 per year. Besides this card, HSBC also offers:

  1. HSBC Visa Signature Card – Get up to 8 times reward points
  2. HSBC Premier World MasterCard – Up to 10 times points for spending using this card
  3. HSBC Visa Platinum – Good card for those who like shopping
  4. HSBC Advance Visa Platinum Credit Card

Maybank Credit Cards – Convenient for Petrol Use

The Petronas Maybank Visa is one of the very exciting cards from Maybank. You will need to be a customer of Maybank and a user of Petronas fuel to maximize the use of this card. RM2,500 is all you need to earn each month to apply and you can save a lot on petrol (from Petronas).

Besides that, it comes with free annual fees (lifetime) and you get to collect up to 8x TreatPoints during weekends (it is 5x on weekdays). The points in return can be used to redeem petrol too. Other cards from Maybank include:

  1. Maybank Islamic MasterCard Ikhwan Gold Card – One of the most prominent credit cards based on Islamic banking principles, this is the one you want if you like a basic credit card to give you what you need.There are certain unique features here include a 5% rebate when you spend on groceries and petrol on Fridays and Saturdays.This card comes with the Cardcare Takaful plan. Cashback is capped at RM50 a month when you charge a minimum of RM1,000 to the card. Eligibility includes a minimum monthly income of RM2,500.
  2. The Maybank 2 Gold Card is a revolutionary credit card by Maybank. What you get is 2 cards in a single application and it is not the usual run-of-the-mill Visa and Mastercard. In fact, you will get a Maybank2 MasterCard and Maybank2 American Express Card and enjoy the benefits of both.What you get in the Maybank 2 Gold Card includes more TreatsPoints when you use the Amex card and lifetime fee waiver too. All you need is at least RM2,500 monthly income to apply.

BSN Credit Cards – Basic but Incredible

From the government-owned bank, you can enjoy a simple and basic credit card with the BSN Classic Card. No annual fees involved and it is known for a lower interest rate as compared to the others. When you travel with this card, you get to enjoy travel insurance at no costs.

It comes with a reimbursement of up to RM1,000 for any lost or delayed luggage if it happens more than 48 hours. A minimum income of RM2,000 per month and you will be eligible to apply. Besides that, BSN also offers other cards like:

  1. BSN Platinum MasterCard / Visa – A higher level credit card as compared to the basic one, you get up to twice the points for spending on retail
  2. BSN UUM-BSN Gold Credit Card-I
  3. BSN 1 TeachersCard MasterCard Credit Card-I

UOB Credit Cards – Recession-Proof and Sole Survivor

One of the most popular credit cards in the market among the young and active, the UOB One Card is perfect if you are out to enjoy life or if you have just graduated from university. The card gives you cash back for having a good time!

This means you get cash back for watching movies at GSC and even for petrol. In other words, you should watch movies as much as you like while there are such schemes for buying groceries too. To apply, you need to have an annual income of RM24,000. Other cards from UOB include:

  1. UOB Lady’s Classic Card – Like what the card says, this card is meant for the ladies. So shop your heart out!
  2. UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card – Get up to 10% cashback when you spend with this card

Standard Chartered Credit Cards – Proven Bank for Consumers

The Standard Chartered JustOne credit card is as what it is. Just this one card is all you need. You get to enjoy savings with this card with cash back for spending on retail and petrol. Annual fees are applicable though. Other cards offered by Standard Chartered include:

  1. Standard Chartered WorldMiles World Mastercard
  2. Standard Chartered Gold MasterCard

Citibank Credit Cards – Constantly Demanded

Citibank credit cards have always been very much demanded by customers. With the Shell-Citi Gold Credit Card, you can now enjoy more savings when you use for petrol. There are some exclusive benefits for Citibank credit card holders where you can collect points as you go along. Rebates are given to spending on Shell Fuel. Apart from this, Citibank offers other cards including:

    1. Citi Prestige Credit Card – One of the very popular cards from Citibank, you get benefits that are personalized only to you
    2. Citi Rewards Platinum Card – You need to have a minimum of RM3,000 salary per month to apply for this card which comes with categories that you can customize to suit your spending needs and style. In fact, you collect points when you buy items at places like Uniqlo and Parkson and then you can use the points to redeem for vouchers and air tickets, among others.
    3. Citi Cash Back Card – up to 10% cashback for spending
    4. Citi Clear Credit Card – This card gives you 1 free ticket for every 1 you buy at GSC and TGV

Hong Leong Credit Card – For the Smart Spender

In terms of cash back, the Hong Leong Wise Card is among the best. It has one of the highest returns among all other credit cards in the market. you get up to 10% cash back when you spend a minimum of RM50 in 10 retail transactions. To maximize your cash back, you get to decide where to spend in the categories you are most comfortable with. To apply, you need to have at least RM2,000 monthly salary and the annual fee is applicable.

  1. Hong Leong MATTA Card – Travelers will love this card when you get 1% cashback for spending overseas
  2. Hong Leong GSC Platinum Card – One of the most popular cards for movie lovers who get special privileges at GSC
  3. Hong Leong The Store and Pacific Platinum – This gives you cash back when you buy your groceries at The Store and Pacific

Public Bank Credit Cards – Offerings from one of the most stable banks

From Public Bank, you can apply for the Visa Signature if you have a minimum monthly salary of RM8,333. The annual fee for this card is slightly over RM400 but it is a card for those who love the luxuries of life. When you spend locally or overseas, you get 6% cash back and others. Other cards by Public Bank include:

  1. Public Bank Executive MasterCard Credit Card
  2. Public Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card

RHB Credit Cards – Breathtaking benefits and privileges

The RHB Smart Value Card is a great option for anyone who likes rebates and loves entertainment too. You actually get rewarded for spending on shopping and when you have a good time. it gives you up to 5% when you spend on groceries, petrol and when you buy things online. Otherwise, there is a 0.2% cashback for other expenditures. Annual fees are applicable and you need to earn a minimum of RM2,000 per month to be eligible. RHB also offers:

  1. RHB MyEG-RHB Credit Card – This card encourages you to pay your bills using MYEG and gives you up to 5 times the points for doing so

Ambank Credit Cards – Practical and Economical

Ambank offers a wide range of credit cards for all types of consumers. Their Ambank True Visa Card comes with a free-for-life principle fee and you can get up to 3 supplementary cards. Enjoy 0% interest on certain products as well as cash back too. The minimum eligibility is RM3,000 salary per month. Other cards offered by Ambank include:

  1. AmBank BonusLink VISA Signature – This card is a 2-in-1 card where you get rebates for spending
  2. AmBank BonusLink VISA Gold – Linked to your BonusLink card means you get to collect BonusLink points when you spend
  3. AmBank Carz Platinum MasterCard – For car lovers, you will get up to 5% cash back when you use it for maintenance at Carz

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