Construction and Building Expo


Building Materials
This expo will involve companies that are involved in building materials. This includes brick suppliers, cement manufacturers, steel and metal producers and sand-miners, among others. It is a great platform for producers of these materials to find new and potential customers that range from home owners and renovators to contractors and interior designers. Apart from that, paint companies and brands can use this platform to promote their products as well.

Retail Building Material
This involves brands that sell and market building material which are ready to use. They usually include hardwood flooring material, ready-made iron grills, door handles and others which can be installed easily.

Designers and architects
Interior designers and architects will use this segment to market their services as well as to promote their designs to a wider group of customers. Such an expo usually involves large and established architect firms as well as those that offer services in a smaller scale to offer value-services to potential customers who might be looking for a makeover or renovation of their respective spaces.

Furniture and lighting
Manufactures of components like furniture and lighting will use this section of the expo to bridge new customers. Ready-to-use furniture like couches and dining tables are on display while customized ones like kitchen and living room cabinets can be discussed during the expo.
Meanwhile, lighting component makers and providers like LED bulbs and fixtures can use the expo to create more awareness among the general public as well as for other customers like corporate offices, commercial spaces and customized locations like entertainment outlets and warehouses.

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