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In the construction companies segment of Bursa Malaysia, organisations which are involved with building and its related services are included. Shares traded in this segment are mainly from companies which are involved with property development, real estate as well as the supplier of construction materials. Among the most prominent stocks in this segment include IJM, AZRB, Ekovest, Rainhill and YTL.

In this category, you will find that most companies are involved with construction of buildings and real estate projects spanning from homes, residential areas to shopping malls, commercial centers to offices, public projects like bridges, government quarters, condominiums and such in and around Malaysia.

This is where you can be part of the club that discusses the insider news of upcoming projects and real estate developments around Malaysia. Companies like BG Year, BPuri, MTDACPI, Melati are some of the organisations listed here. Discuss about what you know or have heard which might influence the outcome of the share prices and learn to trade from the experts.
Other companies in this segment include Zelan, TSRCAP, Seloga, Mudajaya, PLB, Pintaras, Sunway and many more all of which are involved with development of new projects and the maintenance of current ones in Malaysia.

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