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This segment involves all the public listed companies in Bursa Malaysia. The companies with shares traded in this category are mainly companies who are involved with the manufacturing, distributing and selling of products for the consumer market of Malaysia. This also include all types of companies which are Multinational companies who set up their subsidiaries in Malaysia. This includes companies like Dutch Lady, Nestle, Mamee, Goldis and others. Generally, all types of products sold in the consumer market are the main products manufactured in this category.

Consumer product companies include companies which are operating in Malaysia who basically are either brand owners of fast moving consumer goods like Nescafe, Anchor, Carlsberg, Yeos, Spritzer and others. On top of that, it also include companies which are involved in products like stationeries, paper production and others. This encompasses the companies like Nibong Tebal Paper, Tomei as well as F&N too.

Discuss with members around Malaysia who are interested in investing stocks in such companies here and share information which would be beneficial to everyone. Companies like Acostec, Apollo, Biosis, CAB, Degem, Ekowwod, GAB, LiiHen, Mintye and Pelikan are among many other companies listed under this category. Talk about the performance of the counters while also predicts the outcome of the share prices here.

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