COVID-19 will expose information manipulation by tech giants


Big data cannot be taken lightly. The COVID-19 pandemic is a totally unprecedented phenomenon that took everyone by surprise (across the world). No one was prepared for what is to come and every country seemed to be learning new things from one another.

Digital footprints feeding big data

In the past, the big tech names like Google and Facebook have been as ‘transparent’ as they try to be when it comes to data collection and analytics. While a lot of policies and laws have been passed concerning this, one cannot but to remain skeptical and suspicious of what they do with the data. There were never any incidents that created so much doubt and suspicion. Then came the coronavirus COVID-19.

Is this the world war?

The stay-at-home movement around the world has created a whole new generation of digital platform users. Those who were once addicted become more addicted while those who weren’t have begun to be so. Tools for online learning, entertainment, working from home and creating new content became the new normal. Lifestyles were changed. But while all that goes on, the silent World War III of the race for 5G and in addressing the whole COVID-19 situation were raging on. Was it as significant is it sounds? This was not the first time such a ‘war’ occurred. The race to send the first man to the moon happened.

Digital algorithms hiding certain content?

The algorithms that are coming out from the tech giants are getting more powerful. They are invisible (automated), moderated and almost omnipotent. If there is content that does now go with the flow, it ‘miraculously’ disappears. This has been cited and talked about so much especially in light of the upcoming US Presidential Elections slated for November this year. There have been talks that some data has been manipulated and hidden with no trail of evidence even possible. The system is theirs, so are the algorithms and scripts.

Data analytics and politics a recipe for disaster

When it comes to politics, data analytics are crucial. It is no surprise that Google employees and those associated with the tech company visited the White House more than 400 times during the Obama administration. That speaks for itself. In simpler terms, there is a lot that can be done behind the curtain of data analytics. It is not really what is being presented anymore, it is HOW.

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