Danny Tan Chee Sing


The Tropicana Billionaire

One of the very significant factors of Tan Sri Danny Tan is that he is the brother of Tan Sri Vincent Tan, who is no stranger to the Malaysian’s richest list. Tan Sri Danny is the man responsible in the development of the Tropicana Golf & Country Club in the Klang Valley. It is considered to be one of the most luxurious and sought-after properties around.

He started Tropicana Corp Berhad back in 1992 and then built the company into a major force in this sector. He has since retired from managing the group where it is now managed by Datuk Yau Kok Seng and his son Datuk Dickson Tan. Today, Tan Sri Danny owns about 70% of the major shares of the company.

Tan Sri Danny Tan’s Net Worth

$997 Million

Age 60

Source Of Wealth

Tan Sri Danny Tan joins the ranks of the self-made billionaires in Malaysia. He started out in the insurance market where he was an agent before joining his brother Tan Sri Vincent Tan in a joint-venture. Today, his main source of wealth is enjoyed through is business in property development and real estate.

Kuala Lumpur
Marital Status
Tan Sri Danny’s wife is Puan Sri Ivy Tan
He has 4 children with Puan Sri Ivy. They are Dillon, Diana, Dion and Datuk Dickson Tan who is currently managing the company.
Tan Sri Danny studied in a Chinese primary school, the Batu Pahat Secondary School and then at the English High School where he completed his Certificate of Cambridge.

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