Digi.com is one of the 3 major telecommunication companies in Malaysia. it stands among the other names like Maxis and Celcom where Digi.com’s services have dominated the prepaid market for many years.

Digi Telenor

Digi.com Berhad is traded in Bursa Malaysia under 6947 counter in the Main Market. It is among the top 50 public listed companies in the country. Over the years, Digi Telecommunications have evolved and improved its services where it has since become one of the major providers of not only prepaid but post-paid mobile services as well.

Breakthrough and accolades

Digi was the first company in Malaysia to have launched and operated a fully digital cellular network back in 1995. This company’s ‘Big Yellow Man’ marketing campaign has been touted as among the most successful campaigns ever launched. Telenor ASA, a reputable Norway telecommunications company is the largest shareholder where it owns 49%. Besides that, Digi.com’s milestones include:

  1. The first company to offer GPRS services or 2.5G
  2. The first to offer EDGE or 2.75G

Consumer perception

Besides that, Digi has often been branded as being user-friendly and economical amongst other telecommunication companies. It was ranked 100 in the World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2014 where it was a strong message as being the only Malaysian company and Asian telecommunications operated in that particular list. That was not enough as Digi was in Malaysia’s Top 3 companies as ranked by Channel News Asia in 2015. Another remarkable achievement by Digi.com is in the Asia Top 100 Sustainability Ranking where it came in 40. This puts Digi.com among the most watched companies not only in Bursa Malaysia but in other markets as well where it has been performing very well in recent years.

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