.My Domains – Premium and Second Hand Domains for Sale

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Are you looking to buy .My second hand domain names? This is the right place as we have hundreds of premium .My domain names for sale.
Below are the most sought after .My domain names with their asking price:

Server.com.my – web hosting company – US$3k
Magazine.com.my – online magazine – US$8k
Trader.com.my – trading site – US$8k
Accommodation.com.my – Accommodations directory – US$6k
Blog.com.my – US$4k
Book.com.my – US$12k
Kids.com.my – US$6k
Fitness.com.my – US$5k
Florist.com.my – US$5k
Iklan.com.my – US$6k
Online.com.my – US$12k
Organic.com.my – US$12k
Perniagaan.com.my – US$12k
Pet.com.my – US$9k
Pinjaman.com.my – US$10k
RealEstate.com.my and Properties.com.my – US$20k
Radio.com.my – US$12k
Women.com.my – U$10K

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