A great domain to use if you are a web hosting company. Price for this site is RM12,000.00 and it would be a great investment to host servers, web pages and everything to do with online networks.

For RM92,000.00, you can now own the best name for an online magazine. A simple, straightforward domain name which is easy to remember and recall, you can host any type of content here ranging from men, women, cars, lifestyle, food and travel.

This site is for sale at RM32,000.00. It is perfect to be used as a trading site while you can host a variety of trading-related material like tips and tricks, investment advice, articles and others.

This domain is perfect for anything related to holiday, the most lucrative industry no matter what happens to the economy! Priced at RM70,000.00, you can now offer a full range of information like premium hotel listing, types of accommodation, booking and reservation.

A great domain that can, as the name implies be used for blogging. This domain is for sale at RM15,000.00 and you can provide subsites to your members to host their own personal or business blogs.

This domain is priced at RM15,000.00. It is a perfect place to sell books or as a place where sellers and buyers can meet to trade books. Apart from that, it can be used for book reviews, updates and other literature-related purposes.

This domain is ideal for the modern family. For sale at RM25,000.00, can be used to host all types of information and resources related to children and kids. This can be articles about diet, health, parenting and education.

This domain is priced at RM15,000.00. It is a perfect site which can be used if you are in the florist business. Use it to host your online florist store or to source for new customers.

Iklan is the BM word for advertising. It would be a very sound investment if you purchase this domain for RM25,000.00 where you can offer all types of advertising services.

The word online is used the most on the digital platform. Priced at RM35,000.00, it will be one of the best sites you can find that has countless business opportunities.

This domain is for sale at RM45,000.00. It will be the best place to host and sell all types of organic food and products. Be it an online store or a community for people interested in organic food, this domain will be the perfect place.

A domain which means business, you can now own it for RM30,000.00. There are a lot of possibilities if you own this site where you can host business directories, provide a community for business owners or host articles about running businesses and entrepreneurs.

This domain is short and easy to remember. It is for sale at RM30,000.00 with a lot of opportunities for expansion. can be used for pet owners to find information as well as for business owners to share their products and services.

At RM40,000.00, you can now own this domain which is the BM word for ‘loan’. It can be a domain focused on financial information, advice, loans, calculators and other resources.

This domain is for sale at RM50,000.00. You can use this site to host an online radio station or as the landing page to a collection of radio stations. Besides that, it can be used as the online source for Malaysian music, artistes and the industry.

This domain is for sale at RM40,000.00. As the name implies, it is the best site to provide all the information for women, which makes up a majority of consumers. You can use it as a source of makeup advice, cosmetics resources and any other information that women will need in the modern environment. and

For RM80,000.00, you can now own both the domains. This domain is perfect if you are in the property development industry. Whether you are  real estate agent or a developer, you can use this to disseminate the latest projects, information and other resources.

Note: Domain prices increase by 10% every month. Please initiate a chat with us to confirm the listed prices above. First-come-first-serve basis.