Don’t take your eyes off these Crypto Stocks this year


The share market (and almost all the money markets) have been having a roller-coaster year, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. With so much going on, investors have been quick to look at alternative markets and platforms and it is no surprise that many have since turned to blockchains.

Similar concept for seasoned investors

What makes the blockchain market so interesting is that it is not an entirely new platform. Most experienced investors would find themselves in familiar territory when it comes to blockchain stocks. One thing for sure, the interest will definitely continue to grow and this has been happening for some time now. There are many facets to this market like NFTs (non-fungible tokens), pricing and such which can sometimes be too overwhelming. In any case, the most active stocks these days have been blockchain stocks and this has been quite common across the world in the last few years. That said, there are several stocks that you should look at as they venture into the blockchain platforms.

Marathon Digital Holdings

This is a tech company that is mainly involved in mining crypto assets. It owns more than 2,000 advanced ASIC or Application Specific Integrated Circuit Bitcoin Miners on its platform. In the last 2 years or so, its share price (MARA) has been growing and breached more than 4,000%! Imagine that! When a company is built on the platform of one of the fastest-growing investment engines ever, it speaks just how good the potential can be.

Riot Blockchain Inc.

Riot Blockchain is known for mining Bitcoin and has been growing ever since. The plan is to become one of the largest producers of Bitcoin in North America while maintaining low in cost. This is done through getting the most energy-efficient miners out there and its stocks have since grown to more than 1,500% by 2021 and it has since announced that they will not be slowing down anytime soon. By the first quarter of the year, it has reached almost 700 Bitcoins and if that is the current price of BTC, that amount (which will still grow further) can be extremely daunting.

NVIDIA Corporation

Anyone who is into blockchains would surely hear about bitcoin mining and that is where you need some really powerful GPUs. NVIDIA Corporation is one of the leading GPU (graphics processing unit) manufacturers in the world today and their chips are used in gaming, mobile computing and more notably in cryptocurrency mining. Stockholders will be encouraged to find that NVIDIA has continued to innovate including giving access to owners to its cloud gaming platform, GeForce NOW. This will be built on top of its current market segment which caters mainly to those in the gaming and crypto mining industries. Inc.

Amazon as a tech company needs no introduction and it has already announced its venture into blockchains. This has been possible through the AWS or Amazon Web Services where it has remarkably brought in quarterly revenue of about US$13.5 billion. This was widely attributed to the mining platform that AWS launched in China for the Chia token. With the backing of one of the biggest e-commerce names in the world, investing into this stock will surely have great potential in the ner future.

So what does this mean?

This simply means that blockchain is not only big currently but it will only get bigger as in the near future. It is quite obvious that the big names in cryptocurrencies are already moving fast with their share prices but with the other tech giants joining the fray including Amazon and eBay, the foreseeable future is more obvious than it could be.

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