Embassy of France in Malaysia


The Embassy of France in Malaysia or La France en Malaisie is the authoritative governmental representative of France in Malaysia. It offers a full range of services for French nationals residing and travelling to Malaysia. Besides that, related services or offered for those who are traveling to France either for business, education or leisure.

France Consulate and Administrative Services

Located in Jalan Ampang in Kuala Lumpur, the France Embassy operates a consular section on weekdays. This is led by the Consul in Kuala Lumpur with 3 other Honorary Consulates in Penang and Kota Kinabalu and Kuching in East Malaysia. The Consul plays the role of the Registrar for French Nationals who are staying in Malaysia for work and study. This include registration of identity cards, passports, births, marriages and others. On top of that, it provides electoral services too.

Political Issues

The France Embassy in Malaysia functions as the political chancery for the country. Its main role is to assist the French Ambassador as the voice of the government in all political issues to the Malaysian government. Besides that, it monitors the political and other situations while maintaining good relationship between the 2 countries. This means that should there be any issues pertaining to the political policies of France, the Embassy will be responsible in ensuring that such messages are communicated to the authorities in Malaysia and vice versa.

In terms of administrative services, the Embassy is responsible for the following:

Media and PR

This section is known as the Press Section. Its role is to be the public relations for the French Embassy in handling any awareness for the government. This includes issues like spreading the word and more awareness for the foreign policies of France and other issues. On top of that, the Press Section is involved in monitoring the local events and news in Malaysia and to communicate any policies or developments that might be related to the country.

Cultural and Economic Sections

The Embassy operates a Cultural, Scientific and Co-operation department where it is involved in promoting any issues pertaining to these areas. This includes promoting arts, educational or scientific initiatives that covers co-operation and exchanges.

Meanwhile, the Economic and Commercial Section is involved with efforts and initiatives run by the economic and financial ministries of the France government. It is a network involved in designing policies related to business and currency trading of the country that cover all types of policies concerned.

Ambassade de France / Embassy of France

192-196, Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur

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